2021 Grand National Championships

The 2021 Grand National Championships will be held Nov. 11–13 at Lucas Oil Stadium. After the 2020 competition was canceled, an impressive contingent of groups is expected to attend.

In 2019, Vandegrift ended Carmel's streak of national victories in their first trip to Grand Nationals. While Vandegrift was not scheduled to return to nationals in 2020, Team Texas was set to be thoroughly represented by reigning 2019 San Antonio champion Ronald Reagan, 2018 state champion Vista Ridge, and a few other finalist-caliber groups.

Several other past finalists, who either regularly attend every other year or took a year off for a major parade, were also planning to return to nationals in 2020. Blue Springs, Broken Arrow, Dobyns-Bennett, Jenks, O'Fallon Township, Tarpon Springs, and Wando were all finalists in 2018 but did not attend in 2019. These groups as well as their Texas counterparts have not yet publicly announced plans to return to nationals in 2021 or delay the trip to a future year.

Participating bands are expected to be announced in the spring.