2020 Renegade Review

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Bixby, OK
Choctaw, OK
Coweta, OK
Jenks, OK
Kickapoo, MO
Owasso, OK
1. Owasso, OK
2. Bixby, OK
3. Blue Springs South, MO
4. Blue Valley, KS
5. Stillwater, OK
6. Coweta, OK
7. Choctaw, OK
8. Southmoore, OK
9. Edmond Memorial, OK
10. Tahlequah, OK
11. Putnam City North, OK
12. Kickapoo, MO
The 2020 Renegade Review will be held Oct. 10 at Union High School. In 2019, Owasso claimed the champion title in the absence of two-time champion LD Bell.

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