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BOA Top 30 Defined

Welcome to HornRank's BOA Top 30! The Top 30 is created through the use of several components:
  1. Reputable advisors submit their rankings every week. These are converted into a weighted number system and accounts for a portion of the overall rankings.
  2. Scores and placements from BOA competitions with weight based on how recently the competition occurred, with finals scores and placements carrying slightly more weight than prelims scores and placements. Scores and placements from non-BOA events are taken into account, just not as much as those from BOA events.
  3. Strength of schedule and notable competition such as Blue Springs beating four national finalists in 2013 at San Antonio carries more weight than American Fork three pointing and sweeping captions at St. George just about every year.
  4. Notable caption placements such as Vandegrift winning the music caption in 2013 at San Antonio, Harrison placing 3rd in music GE in 2013 at Grand National Finals shows excellence against leading competition.
Please remember that just like college football's Top 25, these rankings are not fact, but merely a matter of opinion based on criteria developed by HornRank and its advisors. These rankings do not always reflect our personal opinion of the groups, nor are they meant to minimize the achievements of any group. Our goal is to continue to promote music education and achievement through the use of an accurate and evolving ranking system that measures national competition. We've enjoyed watching all of the bands that made our Top 30 as well as the bands that didn't. We hope you will enjoy our rankings and if you have any questions about our rankings or our ranking process, feel free to contact us

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