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2014 Monroeville, PA Regional

Finals Results

74.95 Kiski Area H.S., PA
73.65 Norwin H.S., PA
72.95 Brunswick H.S., OH
72.40 James Madison H.S., VA
71.95 Hempfield H.S., PA
65.80 North East H.S., PA
65.25 Gateway H.S., PA
64.40 McLean H.S., VA
63.70 Fairfax H.S., VA
62.40 Norton H.S., OH

Music: Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Kiski Area H.S., PA
GE: Kiski Area H.S., PA

Prelims Results

Class A
1st - Norton H.S., OH
2nd - North East H.S., PA
3rd - Licking Valley H.S., OH

Music: Norton H.S., OH
Visual: Deer Lakes H.S., PA
GE: Norton H.S., OH

Class AA
1st - Norwin H.S., PA
2nd - Kiski Area H.S., PA
3rd - Gateway H.S., PA

Music: Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Kiski Area H.S., PA
GE: Norwin H.S., PA

Class AAA
1st - James Madison H.S., VA
2nd - Hempfield H.S., PA
3rd - West Seneca H.S., NY

Music: James Madison H.S., VA
Visual: James Madison H.S., VA
GE: James Madison H.S., VA

Class AAAA
1st - Brunswick H.S., OH
2nd - McLean H.S., VA
3rd - Fairfax H.S., VA

Music: Brunswick H.S., OH
Visual: Brunswick H.S., OH
GE: Brunswick H.S., OH
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The 2014 Monroeville, PA Regional was held on Saturday, September 20th at the Gateway High School Stadium. Over 15 bands participated from 4 different states and at the end of the night, the Kiski Area Marching Band was named as the 2014 Regional Champion.


We were shocked to see Kiski announced as the regional champion. Not that they didn't deserve it (we have since watched the videos and really enjoyed Kiski's show), but this regional has been been consistently handed to Norwin including all captions over the past couple of years. We loved both of their shows and can't wait to see them face off again at the Newark Regional towards the end of October.


  1. Norwin HS, PA
  2. Kiski Area HS, PA
  3. James Madison, VA
  4. Gateway HS, PA
  5. Fairfax HS, VA
  6. Brunswick HS, OH
  7. South Lakes HS, VA
  8. North East HS, PA
  9. McLean HS, VA
  10. McDowell HS, PA
Music: Norwin HS, PA
Visual: Norwin HS, PA
GE: Norwin HS, PA

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