2014 Tacoma Regional

Prelims Results:
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Class A
1. Eastside Catholic School, WA

Music: Eastside Catholic School, WA
Visual: Eastside Catholic School, WA
GE: Eastside Catholic School, WA

Class AA
1. Mead H.S., WA
2. Hanford H.S., WA
3. Sherwood H.S., OR

Music: Sherwood H.S., OR
Visual: Mead H.S., WA
GE: Mead H.S., WA

Class AAA
1. West Salem H.S., OR
2. Central Valley H.S., WA
3. Newport H.S., WA

Music: West Salem H.S., OR
Visual: Central Valley H.S., WA
GE: West Salem H.S., OR

Class AAAA
1. Chiawana H.S., WA

Music: Chiawana H.S., WA
Visual: Chiawana H.S., WA
GE: Chiawana H.S., WA

Finals Results:
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1. (74.20) West Salem H.S., OR
2. (72.35) Central Valley H.S., WA
3. (69.35) Mead H.S., WA
4. (67.20) Hanford H.S., WA
5. (64.80) Chiawana H.S., WA
6. (63.20) Sherwood H.S., OR
7. (62.85) Mt. Spokane H.S., WA
8. (62.35) Newport H.S., WA
9. (61.45) Cascade H.S., WA
10. (59.15) Kennewick H.S., WA

Music: West Salem H.S., OR
Visual: West Salem H.S., OR
GE: West Salem H.S., OR
The 2014 Tacoma, Washington, Regional was held on Oct. 18 at the Tacoma Dome. Twenty bands from the Pacific Northwest competed, and West Salem was named regional champion.

Congratulations to West Salem for winning this competition. As BOA continues to establish and expand its operations on the west coast, it's exciting to see new competition like this Washington competition pop up. While Washington isn't known as the hub or the leader in marching bands, it's good that BOA is planning regionals not just in areas where marching bands are well established, but also in other places around the country. Hopefully, we will see these competitions grow both in size and in competition. Maybe we'll even see a West Coast super regional in a few years!

Regional Champion: West Salem H.S., OR