2015 American Canyon Regional

Prelims Results
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Class AA
1. Saratoga H.S., CA
2. Live Oak H.S., CA
3. American Canyon H.S., CA

Music: Saratoga H.S., CA
Visual: Saratoga H.S., CA
GE: Saratoga H.S., CA

Class AAA
1. Clovis West H.S., CA
2. Lynbrook H.S., CA
3. Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

Music: Lynbrook H.S., CA
Visual: Lynbrook H.S., CA
GE: Clovis West H.S., CA

Class AAAA
1. James Logan H.S., CA
2. Homestead H.S., CA
3. William S. Hart H.S., CA

Music: Homestead H.S., CA
Visual: James Logan H.S., CA
GE: James Logan H.S., CA

Finals Results
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1. (87.30) Saratoga H.S., CA
2. (84.70) Homestead H.S., CA
3. (82.15) Clovis West H.S., CA
4. (82.00) James Logan H.S., CA
5. (79.15) Lynbrook H.S., CA
6. (79.10) William S. Hart H.S., CA
7. (74.25) Fountain Valley H.S., CA
8. (72.30) Amador Valley H.S., CA
9. (70.60) Westlake H.S., UT
10. (70.40) Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

Music: Saratoga H.S., CA
Visual: Saratoga H.S., CA
GE: Saratoga H.S., CA
The 2015 American Canyon Regional was held Nov. 7 at American Canyon High School. Saratoga won the first ever American Canyon Regional.

The American Canyon regional was brand new this year, so we had no past years of data to look at when developing our expectations for this event. Instead, we had to try to find these groups across a variety of different events they’ve each competed at and compare scores and videos.

While our expectations were pretty far off, we were very excited to see Homestead's placement at this event. They will be competing at Grand Nats in just one week and are set up to grab a semifinalist spot.


  1. Live Oak was the first Grand National Champion and have upheld a famtastic prigram even after leaving BOA for a while. I think they'll make finals

  2. Ok I love this site and it's a great idea. Don't get me wrong, all these schools have amazing music programs, but not predicting schools like Logan, Amador, or Live Oak to even make finals is a bit ridiculous.

    1. These predictions are rather out of date. We typically post predictions when the enrollment list is first posted and then don't update them until the Monday before each event. When this regional was first announced, there were only 11 or 12 groups enrolled. Since then several groups have enrolled that would likely push some of our current finalist predictions out finals. Look for an update on Nov. 2.