2015 Clarksville Regional

Prelims Results:
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Class A
1. Adair County H.S., KY
2. Goodpasture Christian School, TN

Music: Adair County H.S., KY
Visual: Adair County H.S., KY
GE: Adair County H.S., KY

Class AA
1. Camdenton H.S., MO
2. Bourbon County H.S., KY
3. Paragould H.S., AR

Music: Camdenton H.S., MO
Visual: (tie) Camdenton H.S., MO
and Bourbon County H.S., KY
GE: Bourbon County H.S., KY

Class AAA
1. Franklin H.S., TN
2. Castle H.S., IN
3. Blue Springs South H.S., MO

Music: Castle H.S., IN
Visual: Franklin H.S., TN
GE: Castle H.S., IN

Class AAAA
1. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
2. Lake Park H.S., IL

Music: O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
Visual: O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
GE: O'Fallon Township H.S., IL

Finals Results:
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1. (79.00) O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
2. (78.50) Castle H.S., IN
3. (76.05) Franklin H.S., TN
4. (76.00) Blue Springs South H.S., MO
5. (75.70) Camdenton H.S., MO
6. (73.60) Bourbon County H.S., KY
7. (73.30) Adair County H.S., KY
8. (71.75) Siegel H.S., TN
9. (69.95) Central Hardin H.S., KY
10. (69.85) Ravenwood H.S., TN

Music: Franklin H.S., TN
Visual: O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
GE: O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
The 2015 Clarksville, Tennessee, Regional was held Sept. 19 at Governors Stadium on the campus of Austin Peay State University. After placing fourth in prelims, O'Fallon Township came back to win the regional in finals.

This was a really exciting competition for the first weekend of BOA events. In 2014, Castle beat Franklin by only 0.05 points. This year, O'Fallon jumped over those two groups to claim first place in finals. Looking at the recap it's very strange to see the group that won the music caption, Franklin, get such low scores in the music GE caption. In fact, if Franklin's music GE score from prelims to finals had changed on scale with Castle and O'Fallon's, they would have scored right in between those two groups with the penalty, and would have won the regional without the penalty. Blue Springs South had an extremely impressive sound, beating O'Fallon musically in both prelims and finals. We had high hopes for Lake Park and Paragould, but, unfortunately, neither group was able to make it into the finals competition as we had predicted.

1. Castle H.S., IN
2. Franklin H.S., TN
3. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
4. Paragould H.S., AR
5. Blue Springs South H.S., MO
6. Lake Park H.S., IL
7. Central Hardin H.S., KY
8. Mount Juliet H.S., TN
9. Siegel H.S., TN
10. Adair County H.S., KY