2015 Winston-Salem Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Mount Pleasant H.S., NC

Music: Mount Pleasant H.S., NC
Visual: Mount Pleasant H.S., NC
GE: Mount Pleasant H.S., NC

Class AA
1. Bassett H.S., VA
2. Clayton H.S., NC
3. Smithfield-Selma H.S., NC

Music: Bassett H.S., VA
Visual: Cape Fear H.S., NC
GE: Bassett H.S., VA

Class AAA
1. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2. Nation Ford H.S., SC
3. Fort Mill H.S., SC

Music: Nation Ford H.S., SC
Visual: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
GE: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN

Class AAAA
1. Lambert H.S., GA
2. Panther Creek H.S., NC
3. Green Hope H.S., NC

Music: Lambert H.S., GA
Visual: Lambert H.S., GA
GE: Boiling Springs H.S., SC

Finals Results
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1. (82.45) Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2. (82.20) Nation Ford H.S., SC
3. (78.30) Fort Mill H.S., SC
4. (77.75) Panther Creek H.S., NC
5. (77.45) Lambert H.S., GA
6. (72.50) McEachern H.S., GA
7. (69.80) Green Hope H.S., NC
8. (69.70) Boiling Springs H.S., SC
9. (68.05) Cary Senior H.S., NC
10. (65.90) Bassett H.S., VA

Music: Nation Ford H.S., SC
Visual: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
GE: Nation Ford H.S., SC
The 2015 Winston-Salem Regional was held Oct. 10 at Wake Forest University. Dobyns-Bennett secured their third consecutive Winston-Salem victory defeating both Nation Ford and Fort Mill.

This was the most exciting Winston-Salem regional to date. While many regionals feature new challengers competing against old, established programs. This regional is consistently filled with young, growing programs that aren't fighting to see who can improve from last year, but rather, who will improve the most from last year.

At the top of the pack, Dobyns-Bennett won their third straight Winston-Salem regional champion title, finishing only a quarter of a point ahead of Nation Ford and Powder Springs Regional Champion Fort Mill

We only missed one finalist: Lambert. We strongly considered predicting them in finals, but expected McEachern to be lower and, since McEachern beat Lambert in Powder Springs, we expected Lambert to be one or two out in prelims. Instead they made finals and beat McEachern by almost five full points in finals.

Overall, it was another excellent Winston-Salem competition and we only wish more of these groups would go on to compete at Atlanta and Grand Nats.

1. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2. Fort Mill H.S., SC
3. Panther Creek H.S., NC
4. Cape Fear H.S., NC
5. Boiling Springs H.S., SC
6. Nation Ford H.S., SC
7. Cary Senior H.S., NC
8. Green Hope H.S., NC
9. Bassett H.S., VA
10. McEachern H.S., GA


  1. Cary defeated Panther Creek in both prelims and semis at Grand Nationals last year, so I think PC is a little overrated in your analysis. Otherwise, good stuff...

  2. You obviously have no idea about Nation Ford. Do some research and I bet you have these 3 top bands and in no particular order Nation Ford, Dob Bennett, and Fort Mill. Well maybe that order.

  3. Indeed, Nation Ford has a strong program this year. I believe it will be a hard fight for the win between DB, FM, and NF, with a nod to PC for being a strong contender, too. I am looking forward to seeing this Regional live on Saturday!

  4. Top six is going to be a major toss up. Nation ford has an incredible brass and color guard program, but fort mill has strengths in all the categories. Boiling springs is also much better than previous years, their visual program has gotten much better this past year, as well as show design. Dobyns Bennet and panther creek are tough as well. Top six could be anyone depending on how prelims go, but if its predictable it could be anywhere from fort mill, dobbyns Bennet, b.s., panther creek or a mix up with nobody we predict winning

  5. I think Panther Creek is getting too much credit, especially since their show this year is based around Tortoise and the Hare.

  6. you guys are a joke. you totally missed on Nation Ford and over rated Fort Mill.

    1. It doesn't make them a joke for having an incorrect predictions. They used factual evidence in order to make these predictions. It is a fact that last year, Nation Ford didn't make finals in Atlanta or semis at Grand Nationals, whereas Fort Mill was 0.05 behind Kennesaw Mountain, who went on to make Grand National Finals. Fort Mill has also even won a regional this fall already. All of the facts provided a pretty good basis to make the predictions that they did. You sound like a Nation Ford student who is just upset at their prediction. These predictions should have no affect on any band's performances. They are just fun little things that the marching community likes to do to make things more interesting. Just because a band is predicted higher or lower than they actually placed doesn't make the people at Hornrank "jokes." Be careful posting online, especially negative things like this. They can come back and reflect poorly on you and on your program, which seems to be Nation Ford. All of that being said, congrats to NaFo on a strong showing this weekend, and I expect great things out of them for the remainder of their season.

  7. Based on their 2014 finish I expected Nation Ford to be lower than this placement. Having seen them live I see Ray Linkous was not happy with their lack of making semis last year and is attacking this year with a vengeance. They sound fantastic. Visually they need to work. Another group that impressed me was panther Creek. Yes they were visually a mess but so were most of the bands from NC due to rain. They have a show and it's gonna be interesting what they do the next couple of weeks.

  8. Ok let's talk facts if that is what you want. 1. You don't base any predictions on last year's shows. Everything changes, talent comes and goes. 2. Any and all rankings are based on the year at hand. 3 Nation Ford Beat Fort Mill by 3.9 points, repeat 3.9 points this weekend 4. Nation Ford won best music and best general effect. 5. Lost to a year after year BOA powerhouse,Dobbins, by .25. 6. Fort Mill has only ever beat Nation Ford once in the 8 years it has been open. 7. Nation Ford Beat Kennesaw at the WCU competition couple years back if you want to talk prior wins. Those are the undisputable facts.

    1. You argue that we can't use past results, but then you go and do it. The couple of previous years are viable when PREDICTING (note: I said predicting, not stating. These are fun little predictions, not outright statements of a band's talent.) placements, as 3/4 of the previous year's band is the one returning. That's why Tarpon Springs and Broken Arrow still top the list: it can be assumed by their recent successes that they will be strong. It was assumed by Fort Mill's recent successes that they would be strong, and Nation Ford's recent years made it seem like they wouldn't be as strong as Fort Mill or Dobyns-Bennett. They made these predictions based on evidence which the early season and last year provided. There was nothing foolish about it.

      (Side note: Fort Mill and Nation Ford have competed 7 times in total: Upper State in 2010, 2011, and 2012, State in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and this regional. Of those competitions, Fort Mill was first at three, second in two, third in one, and fourth in one. Nation Ford has been first in three, second in three, and third in one. For all intents and purposes, their head-to-head recent years have been very similar, with perhaps a slight edge to Nation Ford. The argument can be made that Upper State doesn't accurately score bands, but Upper State is still a competition and a performance, just like any other.)

      My argument was not that Nation Ford didn't outperform Fort Mill this weekend. I agree, they did. (From my spectator's viewpoint, 3.9 points seemed extreme: Nation Ford was around a point better in my unprofessional judgement, but that's neither here nor there.) My argument was that it seems incredibly tacky to call the people at Hornrank, who I would wager money know far more about the activity than you do, jokes because they predicted your band lower than it turned out.

      Congratulations to Nation Ford on a strong showing this weekend, especially given that it was their first competition of the season. Now, I hope you realize that you look like an absolute tool who makes your program look like a bunch of punks because you so aggressively argue about a past prediction and a past statement. I know that Nation Ford isn't full of punks because I have met plenty of students from your school, and they are just as hard-working, polite, and humble as any. Not everyone on these public, nationally-viewed websites know that. My advice to you is to bite your tongue, be proud of your band's performance, and keep improving in a way that you can let your show do your arguing for you, rather than lowering yourself to the level to which you seem to want to lower yourself.

    2. Correction: It's been so long since I saw the competitions in 2010, 2011, and 2012 that I had the wrong information in my head. Fort Mill's statistics were correct, but Nation Ford was actually first in two (State 2010 and 2011), second in four (Upper State 2010 and 2011, State 2012, and this Regional) and third in one (Upper State 2012). They still seem to be very even.

    3. I am sorry but I think you might be reading too much into this. I bashed no one. I think Nation Ford and Fort Mill are awesome programs, maybe not as awesome as ours but still... I just was stating I have seen Nation Ford multiple times over the past several years and watch them grow from a new school to and an incredible band and they deserve to be up there with the best. Nothing more to read into it.

    4. oh, and it was not me that made the "joke" comment above. I agree with you on your comments about that.

    5. I am the one who has replied to both of the comments above.

      I simply read the comments as they are. I replied to the "joke" comment, as I thought it wasn't based in reality and was distasteful, as it essentially attacked Fort Mill as being overrated (a term I hate to be applied to any band; they all work incredibly hard and deserve the positive records they get). Someone came at me aggressively stating "facts" which weren't actually facts. I dismantled their argument quickly, and advised that they be more judicious in their public posts.

      I suppose I should make it clear: I don't have a dog in this fight. I am not affiliated with Fort Mill or Nation Ford, nor even any bands near them. I graduated from high school in 2004, from a small school in South Carolina which definitely isn't in the BOA scene. However, I have been watching marching band ever since then and I attend as many competitions throughout the Carolinas that I can. I try to keep as up-to-date with the marching band world as I can. When I first saw Fort Mill in 2005 with their show Piano Men, I was floored, as I hadn't seen any marching band like that live before. That was back before Nation Ford existed, and Fort Mill was directed by Martin Dickey. Ever since then, I've jumped at the chance to see Fort Mill and, when it opened, Nation Ford. These are two of my favorite bands in South Carolina because they constantly put out entertaining and high-leveled shows. I loved Nation Ford's 2010 show Solaris (which beat my favorite Fort Mill show, We Are Not Alone, at State by 0.05). I have enjoyed watching Nation Ford develop in the past few years, and they quickly became a powerhouse in SC. I was disappointed at their results last year, but I still enjoyed what they did with their show (I can't remember its exact name, but it was about Superman), and I got to see it live at Western Carolina.

      Nation Ford is a great program, I completely agree. I applaud everything they've put on the field. I just hate seeing someone seem to talk poorly about another band, especially considering they are from the same town and are on very, very similar levels. That is why I responded as I did: I don't think that complimenting and enjoying one band requires putting down another band. That isn't what the activity is about.

      I apologize if anything I've said as come across as rude or the like. I just want to enjoy bands without the drama and inter-band rivalry that is completely unnecessary to the art. I truly do wish the best of luck to Nation Ford as they go into their weekend at Western Carolina and to South Carolina's State Championships later, where I'll get to see them perform again. I also hope to see Fort Mill accomplish great things in Atlanta. I enjoy all South Carolina bands, and I hope they are all successful with the remainder of their marching season.

  9. Here is a fun fact. I predicted the top 3 above and only missed the order by .25. Yay me.

  10. Thanks for noticing Lambert. I understand that a lot of their staff is from Forsyth Central who has been a BOA GN semifinalist and won the Class Championship and made finals three years in a row at the BOA Atlanta show.

  11. Who the heck is Lambert? Where did they even come from?