2016 Hillsboro Regional

Prelims Schedule:
12:15 Mead H.S., WA
12:30 Evergreen H.S., WA
12:45 Chiawana H.S., WA
1:00 Bainbridge H.S., WA

1:15 Break

1:45 Eastside Catholic H.S., WA
2:00 Sherwood H.S., OR
2:15 Kamiak H.S., WA
2:30 Cheney H.S., WA
2:45 West Salem H.S., OR

3:15 Prelims awards ceremony

Finals Schedule:
7:30 First finalist
7:45 Second finalist
8:00 Third finalist
8:15 Fourth finalist
8:30 Fifth finalist
8:45 Sixth finalist
9:00 Seventh finalist
9:15 Eighth finalist
9:30 Ninth finalist

10:00 Finals awards ceremony

Participating Bands (9):
Bainbridge H.S., WA
Cheney H.S., WA
Chiawana H.S., WA
Eastside Catholic H.S., WA
Evergreen H.S., WA
Kamiak H.S., WA
Mead H.S., WA
Sherwood H.S., OR
West Salem H.S., OR

States Represented (2):
Oregon and Washington.
Because of weather, this event was modified to serve as a clinic and leadership experience for the two groups able to attend.

The 2016 Hillsboro Regional was held Oct. 15 at Hillsboro Stadium. In 2014, 20 bands from the Pacific Northwest competed with West Salem being named regional champion.

We’re not going to lie, predicting this event is practically a matter of looking at old scores and guessing. There's really not much to go off of and we don't know much about the bands in this region. However, it’s great that MFA is continuing to focus its efforts in the Pacific Northwest and we hope future events will see more and more groups register.

We think West Salem will claim the champion title. The premier marching band in the Northwest, West Salem is dominant in the Northwest Association for Performing Arts circuit and was the previous Tacoma Regional champion.

Close behind we have Evergreen and Kamiak, two other groups with strong performances at NWAPA competitions.

The middle three consists of Chiawana, Mead and Sherwood. Chiawana placed 5th at Tacoma in 2014 and Mead placed in finals at both the Tacoma and St. George events that year. Sherwood tends to place near Mead in NWAPA events.

In the final three spots we have Bainbridge, Cheney, and Eastside Catholic because we know basically nothing about them, but this time next year, we’ll know at least a little bit about them.

Predictions are very difficult, but we’re willing to bet that we got all of the nine finalists right. Hopefully the presence of a regional in Cascadia continues the growing popularity of competitive marching band across the country.

1. West Salem H.S., OR
2. Evergreen H.S., WA
3. Kamiak H.S., WA
4. Mead H.S., WA
5. Sherwood H.S., OR
6. Chiawana H.S., WA
7. Bainbridge H.S., WA
8. Cheney H.S., WA
9. Eastside Catholic H.S., WA

Adjudication Panel
Music: David Branson, Chris Ferrell, Max Mullinix, and Richard Saucedo.
Visual: Tom McNally, Brandon Spidel, and Jim Sturgeon.
Chief: Richard Saucedo.