2016 Monroeville Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Norton H.S., OH
2. North East H.S., PA
3. Licking Valley H.S., OH

Music: Norton H.S., OH
Visual: Norton H.S., OH
GE: Norton H.S., OH

Class AA
1. Moon Area H.S., PA
2. Rock Ridge H.S., VA
3. Kiski Area H.S., PA

Music: Rock Ridge H.S., VA
Visual: Moon Area H.S., PA
GE: Moon Area H.S., PA

Class AAA
1. James Madison H.S., VA
2. Norwin H.S., PA

Music: Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Norwin H.S., PA
GE: James Madison H.S., VA

Class AAAA
1. Brunswick H.S., OH
2. Fairfax H.S., VA
3. Naperville North H.S., IL

Music: Brunswick H.S., OH
Visual: Brunswick H.S., OH
GE: Brunswick H.S., OH

Finals Results:
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1. (70.05) Norwin H.S., PA
2. (69.95) Moon Area H.S., PA
3. (69.65) Rock Ridge H.S., VA
4. (69.45) James Madison H.S., VA
5. (68.00) Brunswick H.S., OH
6. (67.10) Kiski Area H.S., PA
7. (65.15) Norton H.S., OH
8. (64.45) Naperville North H.S., IL
9. (62.05) Gateway H.S., PA
10. (59.65) Fairfax H.S., VA
11. (58.35) Licking Valley H.S., OH
12. (58.25) North East H.S., PA
13. (52.85) St. Edward H.S., OH
14. (52.75) West Seneca H.S., NY

Music: James Madison H.S., VA
Visual: Norwin H.S., PA
GE: Rock Ridge H.S., VA

Returning 2015 Finalists (6):
1. Kiski Area H.S., PA (Music/Visual/GE)
4. Norwin H.S., PA
5. Gateway H.S., PA
8. Licking Valley H.S., OH
9. West Seneca H.S., NY
12. Deer Lakes H.S. PA

Previous Champions:
2015: Kiski Area H.S., PA
2014: Kiski Area H.S., PA
2013: Norwin H.S., PA
2012: Norwin H.S., PA
2011: Norwin H.S., PA

States Represented (6):
Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
The 2016 Monroeville Regional was held Sept. 17 at Gateway High School. Norwin reclaimed the title of regional champion after placing behind Kiski Area for a few years.

While this contest may not have boasted as many big names as other events, it certainly included a strong contingent of evenly-matched groups. During finals, only a fraction of a point separated first through fourth places.

One of the most notable placements was Rock Ridge in third. This was the band's first year competing in the BOA circuit and these musicians did not disappoint.

For the seventh consecutive year, the opening weekend of competition will include a regional in Western Pennsylvania. In that time frame, the regional has seen only two champions: Kiski Area and Norwin.

This year, that streak might be in jeopardy, as James Madison will prepare to make a strong showing in Monroeville. The group earned first in prelims and second in finals at the 2015 Newark Regional, placing ahead of Norwin in both rounds.

Last year, all participating groups were invited to perform in finals, but looking at the schedule, it appears only the top 10 scoring groups in prelims will be invited to perform in finals, as is typical in regional competitions.

Beyond Madison, Kiski, and Norwin vying for the champion position, there are 11 other groups vying for a finalist position.

We expect Brunswick and Gateway to round out the top half of finals.

Brunswick has consistently made finals, but chose not to perform in finals last year.

Gateway has the home field advantage, but also a great band program that can hold its own against the many challengers.

The bottom half could fall out a bunch of different ways:

Fairfax, Licking Valley, Norton, and West Seneca have all made finals at Monroeville in past years and look like four groups well poised to do it again.

The fifth group we expect to be in the bottom half is a new group, not as well known as the others. Rock Ridge High School opened in 2014, and in their third year of existence the band will be competing at their first BOA regional. It's a huge accomplishment to make finals your first time at a regional, but the Monroeville Regional gives them the best odds.

Predictions represent the majority opinion of the HornRank staff.
1. James Madison H.S., VA
2. Kiski Area H.S., PA
3. Norwin H.S., PA
4. Brunswick H.S., OH
5. Gateway H.S., PA
6. Fairfax H.S., VA
7. Rock Ridge H.S., VA
8. Licking Valley H.S., OH
9. Norton H.S., OH
10. West Seneca H.S., NY

Adjudication Panel
Music: John Alstrin, Gifford Howarth, Jeremy Spicer, and David Starnes
Visual: J.R. Carlisle, Lee Carlson, and Chris Moss
Chief: Gary Markham