Marching Brackets, Round 1: Reich Region

This round of voting is now closed.

Welcome to the Reich Region of the 2016 HornRank Marching Brackets! You can read about how we seeded shows or vote in the Copland Region, the Shostakovich Region, and the Barber Region. The first round closes on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at 11:59 P.M.

The Woodlands (TX) performs their 2013 show "Crossing Boundaries" during the Grand
National Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. // Photo by Will Barnette

1 seed: The Woodlands 2013, Crossing Boundaries, 96.80, Won Grand Nationals
8 seed: Union 2011, Juxtaposition, 90.80, 6th at Grand Nationals
The Woodlands’ first Grand National Championship victory was well deserved when “Crossing Boundaries” posted a 96.80 in Indianapolis, just weeks after a narrow first place finish at the San Antonio Super Regional. The Woodlands’ memorably powerful brass sound was a major storyline of the 2013 season. Our 8 seed in the Reich bracket is 2011 Union’s performance of “Juxtaposition”, a memorably fun and unique show that can best be described as quirky. Featuring over the top snare solos, shiny color guard uniforms, and a drum major tossing a rifle, which was unusual at the time, this fantastically well-designed show was memorable and perfectly showcased Union’s stellar program.

4 seed: LD Bell 2008, Quest, 96.50, 2nd at Grand Nationals
5 seed: Hebron 2013, World of Wonder, 92.65, 2nd at San Antonio
Following LD Bell’s Grand National Champion show in 2007 was no easy task, yet “Quest” was a worthy sequel, placing 2nd at Grand Nationals in 2008. Hebron’s “World of Wonder” 2013 show was a brass masterpiece, placing 2nd at San Antonio just 0.05 behind San and Antonio and eventual Grand National Champion The Woodlands. This Texas matchup features two incredibly powerful hornlines and well designed shows.

3 seed: Broken Arrow 2006, Aqua, 96.75, Won Grand Nationals
6 seed: Avon 2011, Oddities, 95.75, 2nd at Grand Nationals
Broken Arrow’s first Grand National Championship-winning show, “Aqua,” squares off in this round with the show that placed second to their program’s 2011 Grand National Championship: Avon 2011’s “Oddities”. Broken Arrow’s 2006 championship is known as one of the more shocking upsets in Bands of America history. In 2005, Broken Arrow missed finals, placing 14th; just one year later, they took home the eagle. Avon’s 2011 show featured odd-numbered symphonies, and their group, led by an incredible trumpet line and great color guard, owned a very challenging show both musically and visually.

2 seed: Tarpon Springs 2014, Man vs. Machine, 97.15, Won Grand Nationals
7 seed: Claudia Taylor Johnson 2014, Chameleon, 93.35, Won San Antonio
Tarpon Springs’ first Grand National Champion show, “Man vs. Machine”, is the 2 seed in this region of the bracket after their escalation to the top of the nation following years of top five finishes at Grand Nats and victories at the Atlanta Super Regional. Claudia Taylor Johnson’s inspirational “Chameleon” was the first San Antonio victory for one of the top groups in Texas and nationally. The battle of 2014’s champions in the two most competitive BOA events will be interesting to watch.

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