Marching Brackets, Round 2: Barber Region

This round of voting is now closed.

Welcome to the Barber Region of the 2016 HornRank Marching Brackets! You can read about how we seeded shows or vote in the Copland Region, the Shostakovich Region, and the Reich Region. The second round closes on Saturday, March 26, 2016, at 11:59 P.M.

Blue Springs (MO) performs their 2015 show "Subliminal" during the Grand National
Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. // Photo by Claire Albrecht

8 seed: Blue Springs 2015, Subliminal, 89.10, 10th at Grand Nationals
5 seed: LD Bell 2011, Circle’s Edge, 94.20, Won San Antonio

The Barber Region was full of upsets, in fact, every single first round matchup ended in an upset. For the second round, the powerful fans of Blue Springs will be taking on LD Bell. LD Bell continued their string of excellence in 2011 with “Circle’s Edge”, a show etched into the record books as a San Antonio Champion. Blue Springs made their first ever Grand National finals appearance in 2015, and the show was one to remember. “Subliminal” was an expertly designed show with a fascinating theme, deafening brass sound, and a pair of drum majors forced to their knees by the power of hidden messages. This show got Blue Springs over the hump and into finals, putting their program in a position for even more success in the future.

6 seed: Claudia Taylor Johnson 2013, Enigmatic, 90.75, 4th at San Antonio
7 seed: Ronald Reagan 2015, Every(One), 92.35, 2nd at San Antonio

In the first round, Ronald Reagan beat LD Bell's 2007 show "Transcendents," a show that won Grand Nationals. Claudia Taylor Johnson beat Broken Arrow's extremely innovative 2012 production, "Surrender to Hope," proving acrobats are generally an effective strategy. This San Antonio-area matchup will certainly be close.

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