BOA handbook changes how finals performance order is determined

BOA handbook changes how finals performance order is determined

Music For All released the 2016 edition of the Bands of America Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook today, spelling out a few significant changes to competition procedures that will take effect this fall.

— Updated finals order selection process for Super Regionals and Grand Nationals. Super Regionals and Grand Nationals will mirror regionals in doing a top half and bottom half draw for finals performance slots. However, they will continue to utilize the pre-draw system unlike regionals. Last year, there were many valid complaints that part of the reason Broken Arrow beat Hebron was because of their performance slots, last and first respectively.

— A definition of the point system. The point system is used to determine which groups receive performance slots at competitions that are over their enrollment limits before the enrollment deadline. The point system has never been used before and has only been alluded to in registration documents. Now it's spelled out in the rulebook.
Special Note: If more applications are received by the designated postmark date than spots in a show, a point system is used to determine which bands are eligible for the initial draw. Points are allotted based on a Band’s participation in Bands of America events over the previous four years. The point system assigns points using the following criteria: two points per year for attending Grand Nationals, and one point for attending one or more Regional or Super Regional each year, with a total of three possible points per year (12 points maximum for a four year period).
— Adjusted full enrollment numbers. For regionals, full enrollment has been adjusted from 30 bands to 35 bands. For super regionals, full enrollment has been adjusted from 60 bands to 64 bands. For Grand Nationals, full enrollment has been adjusted from 90 (sometimes listed as 94) bands to 100 bands, with 50 bands performing each day.

— Additional field passes for purchase. In the past, each band is given six director name badges and 25 field passes. This year, bands can choose to purchase up to five additional field passes, giving a total of 36 staff members and adult volunteers access to the field.

— Clarification on pre-recorded music and samples.
Tempo-Specific samples and musical loops are not permitted during the performance.
— Reduced minimum performance time. This rule was typically not enforced at early-season regionals, but the minimum performance time has been shortened from seven minutes to six minutes.

For more information or to read the full text, check out the Adjudication Handbook.