Carmel adds to streak of BOA championship wins

Sept. 23, 2018 at 3:58 p.m. CT

Carmel adds to streak of BOA championship wins

By Jeremiah Wooten

Carmel was named champion of a BOA event for the sixth consecutive time Saturday night at the Bands of America Oxford Regional at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The last time Carmel attended a BOA even they did not win was in October 2016. This marks 21 total regional championship titles earned over the band's long history.

Carmel performs at the Oxford Regional on Sept. 22, 2018, at Miami University. Carmel was named regional champion. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
The band earned a nearly five-point margin of victory over second place Centerville and swept captions in the finals competition. Carmel (83.30) was the clear winner, demonstrating why they have four national championships already and that they’re in contention for a fifth this year.

Centerville (78.50) finished second, helped by their large margin in general effect. The group also received first place over Carmel in individual visual.

Lake Central (74.95) and Decatur Central (74.70) were neck and neck all day, finishing 0.25 points apart in both prelims and finals, but Decatur Central had the upper hand in prelims. Lake Central held a strong lead in the music caption, while Decatur Central held a similar lead in general effect.

Russell County (73.80) finished fifth overall, but had a strong showing musically. The band earned third place in both music performance and music general effect. Their show used humor and powerful music to deconstruct the idea of what really defines winning, which might be more than just getting first place.

Russell County performs at the Oxford Regional on Sept. 22, 2018, at Miami University. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Franklin Central (73.40) had the biggest improvement of any group, jumping from 10th place in prelims to sixth place in finals and increasing their score by 2.0 points. Franklin Central had the widest range of opinions from judges, received anywhere from second place to 15th place in prelims. In finals, that range compressed, but was still wide, receiving from third place to ninth place from judges on the finals panel. Their strongest boost came in the general effect caption, where they earned fourth in overall effect.

Lakota West (72.15) earned seventh place, keeping a large point gap above the next few bands. Their scores were helped by an excellent visual program that earned fourth place in visual performance and fifth place in visual effect.

Eastern (70.65) and Miamisburg (70.50) were separated by just a fraction of a point in finals. Eastern’s score was helped by their music performance, which earned fifth place overall. For Miamisburg, music effect was their highest caption earning fifth and sixth place from the two music effect judges.

Beavercreek (69.15) finished 10th place in finals, but had a strong showing visually. The band was ranked eighth place by all three visual judges in finals and even higher by the same visual judges in prelims.