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American Fork HS, UT (AAAA)

The American Fork High School Marching Band is a consistent regional finalist and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.

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30th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, American Fork will be competing at the St. George Regional.

American Fork competed at the St. George Regional.

Unfortunately, there aren't any stiff competitors in this region of the country, so American Fork tends to get handed some easy victories. However, Sky View was closer than they have been in the past, so maybe, in the near future, American Fork will start splitting captions with a 2nd place group.

American Fork competed at the St. George Regional with a decisive victory over all the competition. We can't wait to see American Fork return to Grand Nats and hope it happens sooner than later.

American Fork had a great 2013 season that included a solid regional victory at St. George and a 17th place finish at GN. This band also had a show entitled "Fury" and featured Shostakovich, just like North Hardin and Coppell. This old school band had their moments, and their finish at the front alongside the pit was very impressive and loud. Expect them to be the St. George favorites again in 2014; they'll be looking for their fourth St. George champion title in the sixth year of that contest's existence. Only time will tell if they make their way back into the Top 30.

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