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2014 Toledo Regional

Finals Results

79.40 - Goshen H.S., IN
79.15 - Plymouth-Canton E.P., MI
79.05 - Centerville H.S., OH
77.05 - Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
76.25 - Jenison H.S., MI
72.40 - Bellbrook H.S., OH
71.60 - Lake Orion H.S., MI
70.90 - Firestone H.S., OH
69.05 - Central Crossing H.S., OH
67.95 - Olentangy H.S., OH

Music: Centerville H.S., OH
Visual: (tie) Goshen H.S., IN
and Plymouth-Canton E.P., MI
GE: Goshen H.S., IN

Prelims Results

Class A
1st - Bellbrook H.S., OH
2nd - Licking Valley H.S., OH
3rd - Crestwood H.S., OH

Music: Bellbrook H.S., OH
Visual: Bellbrook H.S., OH
GE: Bellbrook H.S., OH

Class AA
1st - Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
2nd - Jenison H.S., MI
3rd - Firestone H.S., OH

Music: Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
Visual: Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
GE: Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI

Class AAA
1st - Goshen H.S., IN

Music: Goshen H.S., IN
Visual: Goshen H.S., IN
GE: Goshen H.S., IN

Class AAAA
1st - Centerville H.S., OH
2nd - Plymouth-Canton E.P., MI
3rd - Lake Orion H.S., MI

Music: Centerville H.S., OH
Visual: Plymouth-Canton E.P., MI
GE: Centerville H.S., OH
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The 2014 Toledo, OH Regional was held on Saturday, October 4th at the Glass Bowl at the University of Toledo. Seventeen bands from four states competed in this second Ohio regional in only the third week of competitions and Goshen was named the Regional Champion.


Goshen really surprised us. We were certain that PCEP or Centerville would walk away with the title, but we were wrong. It'll be interesting to see if this is just an early season win for Goshen or if they will be a serious competitor in November. While we do respect Goshen victory, that 0.35 point spread between 1st and 3rd is not decisive by any stretch of the imagination, especially considering Centerville won in prelims by 1.5 points.


  1. Centerville HS, OH
  2. Plymouth-Canton EP, MI
  3. Reeths-Puffer HS, MI
  4. Lake Orion HS, MI
  5. Bellbrook HS, OH
  6. Jenison HS, MI
  7. Goshen HS, IN
  8. Mars Area HS, PA
  9. Firestone HS, OH
  10. Crestwood HS, OH

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