2015 Newark Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Immaculata H.S., NJ
2. Deer Lakes H.S., PA

Music: Immaculata H.S., NJ
Visual: Immaculata H.S., NJ
GE: Immaculata H.S., NJ

Class AA
1. West Carteret H.S., NC
2. Westminster H.S., MD
3. Elizabeth H.S., NJ

Music: West Carteret H.S., NC
Visual: West Carteret H.S., NC
GE: West Carteret H.S., NC

Class AAA
1. James Madison H.S., VA
2. Norwin H.S., PA
3. Trumbull H.S., CT

Music: Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Norwin H.S., PA
GE: James Madison H.S., VA

Class AAAA
1. Joe E. Newsome H.S., FL
2. Spring-Ford Area H.S., PA
3. Chantilly H.S., VA

Music: Joe E. Newsome H.S., FL
Visual: Joe E. Newsome H.S., FL
GE: Spring-Ford Area H.S., PA

Finals Results
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1. (82.10) Joe E. Newsome H.S., FL
2. (81.95) James Madison H.S., VA
3. (81.60) Trumbull H.S., CT
4. (81.45) Norwin H.S., PA
5. (79.50) West Carteret H.S., NC
6. (75.35) Spring-Ford H.S., PA
7. (73.55) Brick Memorial H.S., NJ
8. (73.10) Chantilly H.S., VA
9. (70.75) Elizabeth H.S., NJ
10. (70.70) Westminster H.S., MD

Music: James Madison H.S., VA
Visual: Joe E. Newsome H.S., FL
GE: Trumbull H.S., CT
The 2015 Newark, Delaware, Regional was held Oct. 17 at the University of Delaware Stadium. Joe E. Newsome H.S. from Florida came out of nowhere to win the regional in finals after placing fifth in prelims.

This was the first time in a while that Norwin competed at a BOA regional that Kiski Area was not also competing at. We thought that would pave the way to a pretty easy Norwin victory, but that didn't happen.

Instead, several over groups managed to hold their own against Norwin in both rounds of competition including Trumbull and James Madison, two fellow Class AAA competitors.

If there is one thing this regional showed us, it's that past performance is no guarantee of future success. You never know what new groups will come from behind and overtake the groups with long histories of winning.

While there were many new groups competing this year, none of those new groups are from Delaware, which makes this the second year in a row no group from the state of Delaware has competed in the regional held in their own state.

1. Norwin H.S., PA
2. Bridgewater-Raritan H.S., NJ
3. James Madison H.S., VA
4. Cape Fear H.S., NC
5. Thomas Jefferson H.S., VA
6. North Penn H.S., PA
7. Trumbull H.S., CT
8. McLean H.S., VA
9. West Carteret H.S., NC
10. Chantilly H.S., VA