2015 St. Louis Super Regional

Prelims Awards
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Class A
1. Union City H.S., TN
2. Jackson Academy, MS
3. Potosi, MO

Music: Union City H.S., TN
Visual: Union City H.S., TN
GE: Union City H.S., TN

Class AA
1. Air Academy H.S., CO
2. Camdenton H.S., MO
3. Grain Valley H.S., MO

Music: Air Academy H.S., CO
Visual: Air Academy H.S., CO
GE: Air Academy H.S., CO

Class AAA
1. Bellevue West H.S., NE
2. Rosemount H.S., MN
3. Lincoln H.S., SD

Music: Rosemount H.S., MN
Visual: Bellevue West H.S., NE
GE: Bellevue West H.S., NE

Class AAAA
1. Broken Arrow H.S., OK
2. Blue Springs H.S., MO
3. Union H.S., OK

Music: Broken Arrow H.S., OK
Visual: Broken Arrow H.S., OK
GE: Broken Arrow H.S., OK

Finals Results
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1. (88.60) Broken Arrow H.S., OK
2. (84.55) Union H.S., OK
3. (83.60) Blue Springs H.S., MO
4. (80.10) Bellevue West H.S., NE
5. (79.95) Eden Prairie H.S., MN
6. (79.10) Bentonville H.S., AR
7. (78.00) Rosemount H.S., MN
8. (77.00) Bixby H.S., OK
9. (76.55) Air Academy H.S., CO
10. (75.70) Mustang H.S., OK
11. (75.60) Haltom H.S., TX
12. (75.45) O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
13. (74.50) Lincoln H.S., SD
14. (74.35) Kickapoo H.S., MO

Music: Broken Arrow H.S., OK
Visual: Broken Arrow H.S., OK
GE: Broken Arrow H.S., OK
The 2015 St. Louis Super Regional was held Oct. 16–17 at Edward Jones Dome. Broken Arrow won yet another St. Louis title, beating Union and Blue Springs.

This St. Louis Super Regional had several shocking moments: when Bellevue West performed in prelims, we were shocked; when Bixby performed in prelims, we were shocked; when O'Fallon Township was announced as twelfth in finals, we were shocked.

Between the shocking moments, we witness over 60 groups give some of their best performances of the season and got to see a sneak peek at some of the shows we'd be looking out for at Grand Nats.

Broken Arrow took the top honors, as usual, with a stunning BOA premiere of their show. It was a great pair of performances, but it needed a good bit of work to claim the national champion title at Grand Nats a few weeks later.

Close behind were Blue Springs and Union, two incredible programs who are on a very close level of competition. Blue Springs set themselves up to be solidly in the running for a Grand National finals spot and Union set themselves up to make the list of groups we wish had gone to Grand Nats. We really excited to see what the future holds for these two programs.

Rounding out the top half of finals were a series of groups that demanded our attention. Bellevue West, Bentonville, Eden Prairie, and Rosemount are groups that have established themselves among the best in their regions and will all be names looking to establish themselves among the best in the nation over the next couple of years.

Pre-Competition Analysis
As usual, the St. Louis Super Regional will be one of the premier events of this BOA season. It consistently brings in bands from all across the Midwest, and although Broken Arrow steals the show every year at the top, the fight to get into finals seems like it will once again be a brutal, no-mercy competition. Old finalists will look to reclaim spots and up-and-coming programs will try to prove themselves at the Dome. So without further ado, let’s break down who’s in the mix for finals as of right now (in alphabetical order within each category).

The Consensus Number One
Broken Arrow H.S., OKIf it seems like they win this competition every year, it’s because they've won every year for almost ten years, except 2012 when they didn't attend. Broken Arrow is consistently one of the best in the country. Coming off of a splendid season, it’s unlikely they will accept anything other than the eagle as a marker of success. And, as usual, they seem prepared to reach that goal, with a St. Louis champion title as the first step.

Competing for Second
Blue Springs H.S., MOJust a few years ago, Blue Springs was practically unknown. Now they are a household name, for band nerds like ourselves. This band is very, very good, and they consistently show that at St Louis. The sky's the limit for this program. Well, that and a couple points below whatever Broken Arrow scores.

Union H.S., OKLast year, after seeing a football halftime performance, we were worried that Union was starting to fall off the map. They immediately proceeded to prove us wrong, finishing third at St Louis, and then rubbed it in by making finals at Grand Nats. Kudos to them, but we won’t make that mistake this time. Union looked good last year, and that success should roll over into this season. They’ll go toe-to-toe with Blue Springs for second, and maybe even make Broken Arrow squirm a little in their seats.

The Bands Jockeying for Fourth through Sixth
Eden Prairie H.S., MN—They were a sort of surprise last season at this competition, finishing eighth and competing with some great programs. This year, Eden Prairie won the Youth in Music Championships, the de facto Minnesota state competition, over Rosemount. Hopefully that success transitions into another great showing for this Minnesota band, though we expect Rosemount to make up that difference and beat Eden Prairie at this super regional.

O’Fallon Township H.S., ILLast season was easily the best that this band has been. They were competitive throughout the year and especially at St Louis. The local boys have transformed from a bubble finalist to a true contender following their win earlier this season at Clarksville over Franklin and Castle. Out of these four bands, they seem the most likely to possibly challenge Union and Blue Springs for a spot in the top three. Don’t take them lightly.

Rosemount H.S., MNThe second Minnesota band in this group, they undoubtedly have the tools to place at least as high as fourth in the contest. Remarkably consistent at this contest in recent years, look for them to stay that way in the foreseeable future.

The Last Few Locks
Bellevue West H.S., NEThe only program representing the state of Nebraska this year, Bellevue West is a consistent presence in the bottom half of the finalists. Is this the year they unseat someone and crack the top half?

Bentonville H.S., AR—Making finals at both St Louis and Indianapolis in the past makes them an easy lock in for finals this year. Definitely a band on the rise, they will be looking to gain some more recognition this year, and an impressive finish here could give them some of the national attention they need.

Haltom H.S., TXThey were a surprise last year, but also proof that it’s never wise to bet against Texas bands. One of only two bands from the Lone Star State, they will undoubtedly be out to prove last year was no joke.

The “I’m Still Confused From Last Year” Bands
Grain Valley H.S., MO—Grain Valley who? Definitely the biggest surprise at this contest in 2014, They won class AA and made finals. No one saw them coming, but all eyes will be on them this time around. They will find themselves in the quandary of all surprise bands: If they make finals again, they can validate themselves as a good band, but if they miss out this year, they will be considered a one-hit wonder and last year will be dismissed as a bit of a fluke. We hope they make the most of this opportunity.

Irondale H.S., MN—What happened to Irondale? After being competitive at St Louis the year before, they plummeted massively to place in the twenties. Blame it on a bad run, blame it on the judges, but the fact is that no one saw that coming. And now they find themselves in a similar situation to Grain Valley. We hope they return to the Irondale we saw two years ago, but we don't expect them to be back in finals.

The Other Bands Competing for the Last Few Spots
Air Academy H.S., CO—They were impressive at this contest when they attended in 2012, but will enter this year virtually unknown. Finals is a distinct possibility.

Camdenton H.S., MOAfter in impressive Class AA victory and a top half finals performance at Clarksville, this group will be looking to continue their successful season by securing a spot in finals at a super regional.

Kickapoo H.S., MO—They made finals in 2012 and were close last year. They have no shortage of motivation, and the spots are wide open. We could see a return to the top 14 from this band.

Lindbergh H.S., MO—The second group out of finals in 2014 is impressively loud and boasting some great results in the local circuit. This could be the year lindbergh returns to finals.

Paragould H.S., AR—Now that Paragould is in AA, they won't have the easy win in Class A, but they will still be in the hunt for one of the last finals spots.

Rockwood Summit H.S., MO—Speaking of AA, Rockwood Summit is a group that’s been slowly improving the past couple of years, and this could be their first year to break into finals.

1. Broken Arrow H.S., OK
2. Blue Springs H.S., MO
3. Union H.S., OK
4. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL
5. Rosemount H.S., MN
6. Eden Prairie H.S., MN
7. Bellevue West H.S., NE
8. Haltom H.S., TX
9. Bentonville H.S., AR
10. Grain Valley H.S., MO
11. Kickapoo H.S., MO
12. Camdenton H.S., MO
13. Air Academy H.S., CO
14. Lindbergh H.S., MO