2016 St. George Regional

Prelims Results:
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Class A
1. Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
2. Juan Diego Catholic H.S., UT

Music: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
Visual: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
GE: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO

Class AA
1. Palisade H.S., CO
2. Highland H.S., ID
3. Ridgeline H.S., UT

Music: Highland H.S., ID
Visual: Palisade H.S., CO
GE: Palisade H.S., CO

Class AAA
1. Central Valley H.S., WA
2. Bel Air H.S., TX
3. Skyridge H.S., UT

Music: Bel Air H.S., TX
Visual: Central Valley H.S., WA
GE: Central Valley H.S., WA

Class AAAA
1. American Fork H.S., UT
2. Foothill H.S., NV
3. Sky View H.S., UT

Music: American Fork H.S., UT
Visual: American Fork H.S., UT
GE: American Fork H.S., UT

Finals Results:
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1. (87.30) American Fork H.S., UT
2. (84.00) Central Valley H.S., WA
3. (83.20) Foothill H.S., NV
4. (82.25) Sky View H.S., UT
5. (81.85) Westlake H.S., UT
6. (81.60) Davis H.S., UT
7. (79.50) Bel Air H.S., TX
8. (75.20) Green Valley H.S., NV
9. (70.20) Mesa H.S., AZ
10. (69.85) Rancho H.S., NV

Music: American Fork H.S., UT
Visual: American Fork H.S., UT
GE: American Fork H.S., UT

Participating Bands (24):
American Fork H.S., UT
Bel Air H.S., TX
Bingham H.S., UT
Central Valley H.S., WA
Davis H.S., UT
Foothill H.S., NV
Granada Hills H.S., CA
Green Valley H.S., NV
Highland H.S., ID
Juan Diego Catholic H.S., UT
Lone Peak H.S., UT
Mesa H.S., AZ
Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
Mountain Crest H.S., UT
Orem H.S., UT
Palisade H.S., CO
Provo H.S., UT
Rancho H.S., NV
Ridgeline H.S., UT
Sky View H.S., UT
Skyridge H.S., UT
Stansbury H.S., UT
Timpanogos H.S., UT
Westlake H.S., UT

Returning 2015 Finalists (5):
1. American Fork H.S., UT
2. Sky View H.S., UT
4. Foothill H.S., NV
6. Davis H.S., UT
7. Westlake H.S., UT

Previous Champions:
2015: American Fork H.S., UT
2014: American Fork H.S., UT
2013: American Fork H.S., UT
2012: American Fork H.S., UT
2011: Upland H.S., CA

States Represented (7):
Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
The 2016 St. George Regional was held Oct. 29 at Dixie State University. American Fork won its fifth consecutive regional championship.

There were some doubts that American Fork would continue to be as strong a contender as they have in the past after former director John Miller retired at the end of last school year. However, director Nate Seamons has clearly continued Miller's excellence, and the band earned its highest margin of victory yet at this year's regional.

St. George is always hard to predict because it pulls groups from many different states and regions. We can't just compare scores or relative placements, because for the most part, there aren't any.

At the top, we expect to see American Fork. They've won this regional each of the past four years, and there's no indication that anyone can defeat them this year. However, that doesn't mean there won't be any groups trying.

The past two years, Sky View has placed second behind American Fork, and a year like this one with AF going through a director change, might be just the year to grab the title.

Behind those two, we expect to see returning finalists Davis, Foothill and Westlake. This is the first BOA event for all three schools, but Westlake will be traveling to Indianapolis in November for the Grand National Championships.

Our bottom half is a mix of groups that have placed just out of finals in recent years and groups that have had pretty good placements at the few events earlier this season from which we've found scores.

1. American Fork H.S., UT
2. Sky View H.S., UT
3. Foothill H.S., NV
4. Westlake H.S., UT
5. Davis H.S., UT
6. Central Valley H.S., WA
7. Green Valley H.S., NV
8. Lone Peak H.S., UT
9. Granada Hills H.S., CA
10. Bingham H.S., UT

Adjudication Panel
Music: Joe Allison, Jeremy Spicer, Dale Warren, and Todd R. Zimbelman.
Visual: John Fisher, Jackie Gilley, and Bob Thomas.
Chief: Gary Markham.