DCI Scores

Editor's Note: It's important to note that none of the HornRank staff members have access to full recaps in their various capacities with certain drum corps. The following recaps have been compiled and verified to the best of our ability from publicly available information on sites like Reddit and Drum Corps Planet or from independent third-party sources. In an effort to respect the wishes of Drum Corps International, we have decided to hold full recaps until approximately ten days after the event has occurred.

*Denotes full recap availability. Links will be live ten days after the event has occurred.

June 23:
Indianapolis, Indiana — DCI Tour Premiere* (1)

June 24:
Fresno, California — MidCal Champions Showcase

June 25:
Massillon, Ohio — Innovations in Brass, Massillon
Sacramento, California — Moonlight Classic
Whitewater, Wisconsin — The Whitewater Classic

June 26:
Michigan City, Indiana — Pageant of Drums
Stanford, California — DCI West

June 27:
Hamilton, Ohio — Summer Music Games in Cincinnati* (8)

June 28:
Dublin, Ohio — Emerald City Music Games* (9)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Innovations in Brass, Pittsburgh* (10)

June 29:
Evansville, Indiana — Drums on the Ohio* (World Class recap only) (11)
Oxnard, California — DCI on the SoCal Coast

June 30:
Allentown, Pennsylvania — Drum Corps: An American Tradition, Allentown* (13)

July 1:
Muncie, Indiana — DCI Central Indiana* (14)
Clifton, New Jersey — Drum Corps: An American Tradition, Clifton
Oceanside, California — Corps at the Crest San Diego
Auburn, Washington — Seattle Summer Music Games

July 2:
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts — East Coast Classic* (18)
Lisle, Illinois — Cavalcade of Brass
Pasadena, California — Corps at the Crest Los Angeles* (20)
Tigard, Oregon — Drums of Fire

July 3:
Lynn, Massachusetts — The Beanpot Invitational
Cedarburg, Wisconsin — Rotary Music Festival
Riverside, California — Western Corps Connection

July 5:
Cranston, Rhode Island — Summer Music Preview* (25)
La Crosse, Wisconsin — River City Rhapsody, La Crosse
Mesa, Arizona — Drums Across the Desert
Tri Cities, Washington — Drums Along the Columbia

July 6:
Mankato, Minnesota — The Thunder of Drums
Boise, Idaho — Drums Along the Rockies, Boise

July 7:
Chickasha, Oklahoma — Live in Chickasha
Ogden, Utah — Corps Encore

July 8
Lexington, South Carolina — CrownBEAT* (33)
Mountain House, California — Loudest Show on Earth
Casper, Wyoming — Drums Along the Rockies, Casper

July 9:
Lakeland, Florida — DCI Central Florida* (36)
Rockford, Illinois — Show of Shows, Rockford
Denver, Colorado — Drums Along the Rockies
Sacramento, California — DCI Capital Classic Corps Show

July 10:
Madison, Wisconsin — Drums on Parade

July 11:
Jupiter, Florida — DCI Jupiter* (41)
Omaha, Nebraska — Drums Across Nebraska* (42)
Lebanon, Illinois — DCI St. Louis* (43)

July 12:
Daytona Beach, Florida — DCI Daytona Beach* (44)
Overland Park, Kansas — Brass Impact* (45)

July 13:
Sioux City, Iowa — DCI Morningside
Metamora, Illinois — Show of Shows, Metamora

July 14:
Dubuque, Iowa — Music on the March* (48)
Wausau, Wisconsin — River City Rhapsody, Wausau

July 15:
Huntsville, AL — DCI North Alabama* (50)
Rochester, Minnesota — River City Rhapsody, Rochester
Bakersfield, California — Resound

July 16:
Minneapolis, Minnesota — DCI Minnesota* (53)
Woodstock, Georgia — Atlanta Brass Classic
Alexandria, Kentucky — DCI Kentucky* (55)
Escondido, California — Gold Showcase at the Ranch

July 17:
Bellflower, California — So Cal Classic Open Class Championship
Waukee, Iowa — Celebration in Brass
DeKalb, Illinois — Tour of Champions, North Illinois* (59)

July 18:
El Dorado, Kansas — Drums Across Kansas
Warrensburg, Missouri — Tour of Champions, Central Missouri* (61)

July 19:
Bentonville, Arkansas — Music on the Move

July 20:
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma — Drums of Summer

July 21:
Belton, Texas — DCI Central Texas
Denton, Texas — DCI Denton

July 22:
Houston, Texas — Tour of Champions, Texas

July 23:
San Antonio, Texas — DCI Southwestern Championship
Manchester, New Hampshire — Fiesta De Musica

July 25:
Dallas, Texas — DCI Dallas
Lafayette, Louisiana — Drums ACross Cajun Field

July 26:
Biloxi, Mississippi — Mississippi Sound Spectacular
Mustang, Oklahoma — DCI in the Heartland

July 27:
Little Rock, Arkansas — DCI Arkansas
Hattiesburg, Mississippi — DCI Southern Mississippi
Oskaloosa, Iowa — Drum Corps Mid-America

July 28:
Birmingham, Alabama — DCI Birmingham

July 29:
Opelika, Alabama — Alabama Sounds of Summer
Sheffield, Pennsylvania — Music on the Mountain
Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Tournament of Drums
Nashville, Tennessee — The Masters of the Summer Music Games

July 30:
Atlanta, Georgia — The DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship
Troy, Michigan — Legends Drum Corps Invitational
Minneapolis Area, Minnesota — TBA

July 31:
Winston-Salem, North Carolina — NightBEAT Tour of Champions
Three Rivers, Michigan — Legends Drum Corps Open
Waukesha, Wisconsin — Show of Shows, Waukesha

August 1:
Salem, Virginia — WDBJ-7 Summer Music Games of Southwest Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia — Drums ACross the Tri-State

August 2:
Ft. Wayne, Indiana — DCI Ft. Wayne
Centerville, OH — Soaring Sounds 37
Annapolis, Maryland — Drums Corps: An American Tradition, Annapolis
Macomb, Illinois — DCI Western Illinois

August 3:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — DCI Pittsburgh
Dixon, Illinois — Petunia City Brass

August 4:
Quincy, Massachusetts — CYO Nationals Tribute
Chester, Pennsylvania — Tour of Champions, PPL Park

August 5:
Allentown, Pennsylvania — DCI Eastern Classic, Day 1
Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania — A Blast in the Burg
Muscatine, Iowa — Percussion on the Pearl

August 6:
Allentown, Pennsylvania — DCI Eastern Classic, Day 2
Avon Lake, Ohio — Shoreman Brass Classic
Oregon, Wisconsin — Shadow Showcase

August 7:
Rome, New York —Drums Along the Mohawk
Buffalo, New York — Tour of Champions, Buffalo

August 8:
Michigan City, Indiana — DCI Open Class World Championship Prelims
Erie, Pennsylvania — Lake Erie Fanfare
Massillon, Ohio — DCI Tour of Champions

August 9:
Michigan City, Indiana — DCI Open Class World Championship Finals

August 11:
Indianapolis, Indiana — DCI World Championship Prelims

August 12:
Indianapolis, Indiana — DCI World Championship Semifinals

August 13:
Indianapolis, Indiana — DCI World Championship Finals