2019 Tournament of Champions

Contest Results
The 2019 edition of WCU's Tournament of Champions was modified due to inclement weather. Instead of a field competition, an indoor standstill exhibition was held.

Last Year's Finalists
Finals competition cancelled due to inclement weather.

Previous Champions
2018: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2017: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2016: Summerville H.S., SC
2015: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2014: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2013: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2012: White Knoll H.S., SC

States Represented (4)
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The 2019 Tournament of Champions will be held Oct. 19 at Western Carolina University. Last year, consistent national finalist Dobyns-Bennett earned a decisive victory. The contest featured just one round of competition because of inclement weather.

Adjudication Panel
Music: Ed Argenziano, Gino Cipriani, Martin Griffin, John Meehan, and Paul Rennick.
Visual: William Chumley, Bruce Jones, Joey Powell, and Maurice Burgess.
Chief: W. Dale Warren.