2019 Tournament of Champions

Prelims Schedule
As of Feb. 25, 2019

8:00 Siegel H.S., TN
8:15 North Henderson H.S., NC
8:30 East Lincoln H.S., NC
8:45 Tuscola H.S., NC
9:00 McEachern H.S., GA
9:15 Mill Creek H.S., GA
9:30 Jay M. Robinson H.S., NC

9:45 Break

10:00 Allatoona H.S., GA
10:15 North Lincoln H.S., NC
10:30 Ola H.S., GA
10:45 Seymour H.S., TN
11:00 Panther Creek H.S., NC
11:15 Lassiter H.S., GA
11:30 Pisgah H.S., NC

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Cox Mill H.S., NC
12:45 South Caldwell H.S., NC
1:00 Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
1:15 Enka H.S., NC
1:30 McDowell H.S., NC
1:45 Walton H.S., GA
2:00 Mauldin H.S., SC

2:15 Break

2:30 James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
2:45 Enloe H.S., NC
3:00 Green Hope H.S., NC
3:15 Ardrey Kell H.S., NC
3:30 Hardin Valley H.S., TN
3:45 Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN

4:00 Exhb: WCU Pride of the Mountains

4:20 Prelims Awards Ceremony

Finals Schedule
7:00 First finalist band
7:15 Second finalist band
7:30 Third finalist band
7:45 Fourth finalist band
8:00 Fifth finalist band
8:15 Sixth finalist band
8:30 Seventh finalist band
8:45 Eighth finalist band
9:00 Ninth finalist band
9:15 Tenth finalist band
9:30 Eleventh finalist band
9:45 Twelfth finalist band

10:00 Exhb: WCU Pride of the Mountains

10:20 Finals Awards Ceremony

Last Year's Finalists
Finals competition cancelled due to inclement weather.

Previous Champions
2018: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2017: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2016: Summerville H.S., SC
2015: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2014: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2013: Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
2012: White Knoll H.S., SC

States Represented (4)
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The 2019 Tournament of Champions will be held Oct. 19 at Western Carolina University. Last year, consistent national finalist Dobyns-Bennett earned a decisive victory. The contest featured just one round of competition because of inclement weather.

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