BOX5 Media to stream BOA competitions this fall

July 1, 2021 at 9:09 p.m. CT

BOX5 Media to stream BOA competitions this fall

By Jeremiah Wooten

Music for All and BOX5 Media have announced a one-year partnership to stream all 22 Bands of America marching championship events this fall, including the option to purchase access to individual event streams. This replaces a previous streaming agreement with FloMarching that required viewers to subscribe to the larger FloSports service.

“Music for All is pleased to team up with BOX5 Media to bring fans live streams of our 2021 BOA Championships,” MFA CEO Jeremy Earnhart said in a press release. “As we celebrate the return of bands to BOA in 2021, we look forward to working with BOX5 to bring this uniquely American scholastic activity to those watching from home or afar.”

A Vandegrift drum major conducts in front of a packed crowd at the Austin Regional on Sept. 23, 2017. In 2021, fans who aren't able to join the crowd in-person will be able to live-stream events through BOX5 Media.
Photo by Jeremiah Wooten for HornRank
BOX5 aims to differentiate itself from past streaming partners by using their expertise in the marching arts world to deliver the best product for viewers. With over 20 years of experience in audio and video production of marching arts events, BOX5 Media president Tim Snyder said the company is well acquainted with the specific details that marching arts viewers are looking for whether that viewer is a parent, alumni, or fan.

“We believe we understand the activity intimately.” Snyder said in an email. “This is very personal for us, we want every band to feel like we know their show. It truly upsets us if we miss a shot and as a team we are constantly watching our products to try and improve at the next show.”

While FloMarching only offered a subscription model ($30 per month or $150 per year) for access to all FloSports streams, BOX5 is taking a slightly different approach. The company will offer a season pass for $149, but will also be using the pay-per-view model, where fans can purchase access to just one day, a whole event, or the entire season for a reduced cost.

“After lengthy discussion with Bands of America, we felt the option of offering [pay-per-view] would be a great cost savings for families coming out of the pandemic,” Snyder said. “Some people may only want an option to purchase a single event and [pay-per-view] offers that.”

For regionals, BOX5 will offer a $15 pass for just prelims or finals, and a $25 pass for the entire event. For super regionals, access to each day of prelims cost $15 and finals costs $20. There is also an option to buy both dayks of prelims for $20 or a full event pass for $35. For Grand Nationals, access to each day of prelims costs $18, semifinals is $25, and finals is $30. There is also an option to buy both days of prelims for $25 or a full event pass for $65.

PrelimsSemifinalsFinalsFull Event
Super Regional$15 (one day)
$20 (both days)
Grand Nationals$18 (one day)
$25 (both days)

For a parent or grandparent just wanting to watch a single performance, this could be a big savings over Flo’s subscription model, especially for those who may forget to unsubscribe after the season is over. But for fans who are wanting to watch multiple events or the entire season, the costs can quickly add up. Fans can purchase a full season pass for $149, which will provide live stream access to every BOA competition, but this pass does not include access to the DCA championships or any other local or state championships being streamed by BOX5. At FloMarching, that same cost previously would have gotten you a full year subscription to all BOA events, DCI events, and WGI events. FloMarching has been streaming select DCI and WGI events since 2017 and has a contract with DCI through the 2026 season.

Although they will not be streaming any BOA contests this year, FloSports Senior Director of Global Rights Acquisition Monica Bloodgood said the site will continue to report on BOA events and pursue future partnership opportunities with the organization. FloMarching will also serve as the streaming partner for USBands events across the country this fall.

"We have an extensive relationship with USBands that will include up to 30 live events, behind the scenes content and reporting from our FloMarching team," Bloodgood said. "Plus, we'll be announcing more live marching band programming in the coming weeks."