Castle leads the field in Clarksville

Sept 26, 2021 at 6:02 p.m. CT

Castle leads the field in Clarksville

By Jeremiah Wooten

Castle won their first regional in four years Saturday night at Austin Peay State University. The band also swept caption, winning awards for best music performance, best visual performance, and best general effect.

Castle performs at the Clarksville Regional on Sept. 25, 2021, at Austin Peay State University. The band swept captions and was named regional champion.
Photo by Jeremiah Wooten for HornRank
It was a clear victory for Castle (83.15) — with every single judge ranking the marching knights first overall in both prelims and finals. Their show is bold, with many challenging featured solo and ensemble moments and a lot of fast motion around the field. It was also one of the longer shows we saw at this second weekend regional. They should clean up nicely and be back in the conversation for finals come November.

Second-place Lincoln-Way (81.05) and third-place Franklin (80.25) swapped places from prelims to finals. Franklin's higher score in prelims was lead by their scores in the music and effect captions. In finals, Lincoln-way managed to edge out Franklin in music and tie them in overall general effect.

DeSoto Central (77.85) and Hoover (76.30) had strong showings in finals. Both groups are frequent BOA participants, but earned some of their highest placements this year against a pretty competitive field. Class AA champion North Hardin (75.00) finished sixth place overall, but earned as high as third in the individual music performance caption.

The Memphis area was well represented this year by several bands including Bartlett (73.85), Collierville (73.65), and Arlington (72.65). Historically, there have not been very many Memphis bands that participate in BOA events, so it was exciting to see so many in attendance, and to see so much success. My favorite of this trio was Bartlett, whose show "In Focus" contains several subliminal and literal messages that seemed to comment our inability as a society to put our phones down and pay attention to the world around us. My favorite moment happened toward the end of the show, when the band plays the theme from "Hide and Seek" while hidden behind large screens.

Central Hardin (71.20) and Edwardsville (70.95) finished in 10th and 11th just a quarter of a point apart. Central Hardin's slight lead was built primarily in the music caption, where they finished ninth. Edwardsville's strength was more on the visual side, specifically in ensemble visual performance where they earned a fourth place ranking in finals. They receieved a second place ranking in that caption in prelims. Class AA silver medalist Paragould (68.35) rounded out the finals competition. Paragould earned as high as 10th in ensemble visual performance.

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