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Ayala HS, CA (AAAA)

The Ayala High School Band is a former Grand National finalist.

Top 30 History
currently unranked
30th on 9/20/16 (Week 2)

temporarily unranked
27th on 11/10/15 (Week 9)
26th on 11/03/15 (Week 8)
25th on 10/27/15 (Week 7)
25th on 10/20/15 (Week 6)
28th on 10/13/15 (Week 5)

temporarily unranked

29rd on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
29nd on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
28th on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

23rd on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Ayala will be competing at the Long Beach Regional and the Grand National Championships.

Ayala competed at the Long Beach Regional.

Last year, Ayala had competition from Cedar Ridge, but the 2015 regional was a very easy victory for this group, beating second place upland by almost 3.5 points.

Ayala competed at the Long Beach Regional. We expected this regional to easily go to Cedar Ridge, since Cedar Ridge had definitively beaten Ayala at Grand Nats last year. However, Ayala gave two awesome performances that resulted in a decisive victory over Cedar Ridge.

The Ayala Band and Colorguard (BAC) we saw at Glendora was very different than the one at Indy. We were shocked that they made finals over groups like Blue Springs, Lake Central, Center Grove, and Franklin after getting 15th in prelims, but they had a great performance in finals and their visual entrance to the field was a memorable moment. Plus, their pit and drumline were clear winners of the night in those particular subcaptions.

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