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Lassiter HS, GA (AAA)

The Lassiter High School Marching Band is a two-time Grand National champion and a recipient of both the Sudler Flag and the Sudler Shield.

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29th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Lassiter will not be competing at any BOA events.

Lassiter did not compete at any BOA events.

It's sad to see this news, especially considering the recent information about the firing of Lassiter's director, Ginny Markham. Hopefully this program will be able to rebound and return to their successes of 15 years ago, but the marching band world has evolved so much since then and Lassiter never evolved with it.

Lassiter competed at the Jacksonville Regional and placed 5th, well behind Harrison, Kennesaw, and less well known groups such as Fort Mill and James F. Byrnes. They had an excellent show and we're hoping they'll make their way back into to the top 30 in 2015.

Lassiter had the smallest body of work on the list, but their decisive regional victory at Towson was enough to put them in the top 30, for one week. This two time National Champion began it's new staff regime in 2013, and although there has recently been some controversy over the new leadership, it will take time to see if it's just the typical difficulties of transitioning band directors or something more. Only time will tell if this group makes their way back into the Top 30 in the future.


  1. That picture is of McEachern HS from Powder Springs, GA, not Lassiter.

    1. Sorry about that, we've updated with a picture of the correct school


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