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2014 Jacksonville, AL Regional

Finals Results

82.70 - Harrison H.S., GA
80.15 - Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
80.10 - Fort Mill H.S., SC
79.75 - James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
78.25 - Lassiter H.S., GA
74.55 - McEachern H.S., GA
74.35 - East Coweta H.S., GA
73.55 - Kell H.S., GA
73.45 - Ooltewah H.S., TN
71.95 - Hoover H.S., AL

Music: Harrison H.S., GA
Visual: Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
GE: Harrison H.S., GA

Prelims Results

Class A
1st - Goodpasture Christian, TN
2nd - Oak Grove H.S., AL

Music: Oak Grove H.S., AL
Visual: Goodpasture Christian, TN
GE: Goodpasture Christian, TN

Class AA
1st - Kell H.S., GA
2nd - Ooltewah H.S., TN
3rd - River Ridge H.S., GA

Music: Kell H.S., GA
Visual: Ooltewah H.S., TN
GE: Ooltewah H.S., TN

Class AAA
1st - Harrison H.S., GA
2nd - Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
3rd - Fort Mill H.S., SC

Music: Fort Mill H.S., SC
Visual: Harrison H.S., GA
GE: Harrison H.S., GA

Class AAAA
1st - James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
2nd - East Coweta H.S., GA
3rd - Hoover H.S., AL

Music: James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
Visual: James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
GE: James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
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The 2014 Jacksonville, AL Regional was held on Saturday, October 11th at Burgess Snow Field at Jacksonville State University. Sixteen bands from across the South East competed and after the finals competition, Harrison was named the Regional Champion.


After the Jacksonville regional was moved to Powder Springs in 2013, 2014 saw the return to Jacksonville and the continuation of Powder Springs. With a two week gap between Powder Springs and this regional, we got to see how much these top groups can improve in only two weeks of rehearsal. The biggest story from these two regionals is that Harrison is solidly on top of all other Cobb County bands. For the past couple of years, Harrison and Kennesaw Mountain have been attending different regionals, so it was hard to compare them, but this year, we can say for certain that Harrison is the better group. Another interesting note it Fort Mill. Fort Mill has shown solid improvement the past couple of years and we would love to see them take a trip to Grand Nats soon to see how they stack up against the nation's top competition. Also, we were really excited to see East Coweta. Their Powder Spring prelims performance had some severe technical difficulties resulting in huge penalties and pushed them far out of finals. Their Jacksonville performances were very captivating performances free from those painful difficulties


  1. Harrison HS, GA
  2. Kennesaw Mountain HS, GA
  3. Lassiter HS, GA
  4. James F. Byrnes HS, SC
  5. Fort Mill HS, SC
  6. East Coweta HS, GA
  7. Hoover HS, AL
  8. Ooltewah HS, TN
  9. Kell HS, GA
  10. McEachern HS, GA
Music: Harrison HS, GA
Visual: Kennesaw Mountain HS, GA
GE: Harrison HS, GA

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