2017 McAllen Regional

Prelims Schedule:
8:00 Weslaco East H.S., TX
8:15 San Benito H.S., TX
8:30 Nikki Rowe H.S., TX
8:45 McAllen Memorial H.S., TX
9:00 McAllen H.S., TX
9:15 Roma H.S., TX
9:30 Del Rio H.S., TX
9:45 Hidalgo H.S., TX
10:00 Rio Grande City H.S., TX
10:15 Pioneer H.S., TX
10:30 Grulla H.S., TX

10:45 Lunch

11:30 Sharyland H.S., TX
11:45 Palmview H.S., TX
12:00 Lopez H.S., TX
12:15 Robert Vela H.S., TX
12:30 John B. Alexander H.S., TX
12:45 Homer Hanna H.S., TX
1:00 Edinburg North H.S., TX
1:15 Santa Rosa H.S., TX

1:30 Break

2:00 James Madison H.S., TX
2:15 Valley View H.S., TX
2:30 Harlingen South H.S., TX
2:45 Robert E. Lee H.S., TX
3:00 Juarez-Lincoln H.S., TX
3:15 Douglas MacArthur H.S., TX
3:30 Edinburg H.S., TX
3:45 Dripping Springs H.S., TX

4:15 Prelims Awards Ceremony

Finals Schedule:
7:45 First finalist band
8:00 Second finalist band
8:15 Third finalist band
8:30 Fourth finalist band
8:45 Fifth finalist band
9:00 Sixth finalist band
9:15 Seventh finalist band
9:30 Eighth finalist band
9:45 Ninth finalist band
10:00 Tenth finalist band

10:30 Finals Awards Ceremony

Returning 2016 Finalists (6):
2. Pioneer H.S., TX
5. Homer Hanna H.S., TX
7. Robert Vela H.S., TX
8. Edinburg North H.S., TX
9. Hidalgo H.S., TX
10. Lopez H.S., TX

Previous Champions:
2016: James Bowie H.S., TX
2015: Claudia T. Johnson H.S., TX

States Represented (1):

The 2017 McAllen, Texas, Regional will be held Sept. 30 at McAllen Memorial Stadium. In 2016, James Bowie won a decisive victory, sweeping captions in prelims and finals.

Adjudication Panel:
Music: Travis Moddison, Mark Stone, Daniel Wood, and Todd Zimbelman.
Visual: Michael Tarr, John Turner, and Michael Turner.
Chief: Ken Giese.

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