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30. James Bowie HS, TX (AAAA)

The James Bowie High School Band is a consistent Grand National finalist and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.

Top 30 History
30th on 11/15/16 (Week 10)
20th on 11/08/16 (Week 9)
19th on 11/01/16 (Week 8)
19th on 10/25/16 (Week 7)
17th on 10/18/16 (Week 6)
17th on 10/11/16 (Week 5)
14th on 10/04/16 (Week 4)
15th on 9/27/16 (Week 3)
15th on 9/20/16 (Week 2)
19th on 9/13/16 (Week 1)

22nd on 11/17/15 (Week 10)
22nd on 11/10/15 (Week 9)
21st on 11/03/15 (Week 8)
19th on 10/27/15 (Week 7)
16th on 10/20/15 (Week 6)
15th on 10/13/15 (Week 5)
13th on 10/06/15 (Week 4)
12th on 9/29/15 (Week 3)
5th on 9/22/15 (Week 2)
5th on 9/15/15 (Week 1)

6th on 11/18/14 (Week 10)
7th on 11/11/14 (Week 9)
6th on 11/04/14 (Week 8)
9th on 10/28/14 (Week 7)
9th on 10/21/14 (Week 6)
9th on 10/14/14 (Week 5)
8th on 10/07/14 (Week 4)
8th on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
10th on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
8th on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

8th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Bowie will be competing at the McAllen Regional, the Plano Regional, and the Grand National Championships.

During the spring of 2016, it was announced that Kim Shuttlesworth would be leaving Bowie to launch the band program Tom Glenn High School, a new school opening in Leander, Texas.

James Bowie (TX) performs in finals at the Plano
Regional on Oct. 8, 2016. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
James Bowie competed at the Austin Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional.

At the Austin Regional, Bowie was in fourth place, but only 0.4 points behind the champion, Leander. It was a shockingly close competition that could have swung in many directions with only a slight variance in judging.

At San Antonio, Bowie found themselves in the bottom half of finals among many perennial Grand National finalists and previous San Antonio champions.

James Bowie competed at the Austin Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional. They had a very successful season, placing first at Austin and second at San Antonio. We love the direction this program is heading and can't wait for a Grand Nats trip in the near future.

James Bowie's brass sound this season was as impressive as always, and their 3rd place finish at San Antonio was even more proof that this program has arrived as a national powerhouse. The James Bowie OPE has historically gone to Grand Nats once every three years, so we'll look forward to seeing Bowie at UIL state, San Antonio, and, we hope in 2015, Grand Nats.


  1. The Bowie Band has changed my life in so many ways. Good things await for this nationally acclaimed ensemble.

  2. I am so proud of James Bowie HS. This could have been a very rocky season for them. They lost all 4 musical directors in the spring semester of 2016 (two before the end of the semester and two after the end of school, although still had a guard director. There was not a music band staff until a week before summer camp started on August 1st. The students never wavered. They kept having sectionals and fitness days throughout the summer without the direction of band directors. The student leadership rallied the band members and they kept a goal in sight that they would not allow the program to die. Their performance at Indy, although it did not earn a finalist spot, was a wonderful and difficult show that was truly a crowd pleaser. For these kids, the experience of Grand Nationals was truly not about the trophy, but about the journey. They are a very inspiring group of kids.


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