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Top 30 Rankings — Nov. 14, 2017 (Week 10)

Carmel takes back the top spot after becoming the first band to win every caption at Grand Nats.

Grand Nationals

Grand Nationals Preview

One hundred bands descend on Indianapolis to compete for the ultimate title of national champion.


Top 30 Rankings — Nov. 7, 2017 (Week 9)

#TeamTexas takes back the no. 1 spot in the rankings following an incredible San Antonio Super Regional.


Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 31, 2017 (Week 8)

Most of the rankings hold steady as we gear up for San Antonio.

San Antonio Super

San Antonio Super Regional Preview

Avon takes on the state of Texas in what might be the most exciting band competition of the year.

St. George Super

St. George Regional Preview

American Fork looks to win their sixth consecutive regional champion title.


Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 24, 2017 (Week 7)

A new band takes the no. 1 spot following the start of super regional season.

Atlanta Super

Atlanta Super Regional Preview

Tarpon Springs looks to defend their super regional champion title.

Downey Regional

Downey Regional Preview

The reigning national champion and no. 1 ranked band takes a trip to California.

San Jose Regional

San Jose Regional Preview

Returning medalists and some new contenders from the Pacific Northwest compete in Northern California.


Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 17, 2017 (Week 6)

The last weekend of competition before super regionals begin sure left us feeling like anything could happen in the next few weeks.

Indy Super

Indianapolis Super Regional Preview

Avon and Carmel compete for the title while a slew of bands aim to make finals amidst an extra-competitive field.

St. Louis Super

St. Louis Super Regional Preview

Despite several returning finalist not attending, this year's St. Louis lineup remains as tough as ever.


Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 10, 2017 (Week 5)

This week's rankings contain many shake-ups following exciting results in Indiana and Texas.


Renegade Review Preview

Three former national finalists compete in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Winston-Salem Regional Preview

Dobyns-Bennett looks to earn their fifth consecutive regional champion title.


Texas Marching Classic Preview

Ronald Reagan and Vandegrift have a rematch just one week after the Conroe Regional.


Midland Regional Preview

Bands of America's return to West Texas features and exciting line up of bands.


Youth in Music Preview

The Minnesota State Championships will give a glimpse into some of the state's top groups.


Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 3, 2017 (Week 4)

We have our first change in the no. 1 spot this season after the Southlake Regional.


Newark Regional Preview

Twenty-eight bands compete in this Atlantic Coast regional.


Jacksonville Regional Preview

Nation Ford returns to defend its champion title against national finalist Harrison.


Dayton Regional Preview

Indiana powerhouses Avon and Carmel face off for the first time the season.


Conroe Regional Preview

The Woodlands makes its BOA premiere alongside stiff competition from several Austin and San Antonio-area bands.


Top 30 Rankings — Sept. 26, 2017 (Week 3)

Claudia Taylor Johnson shoots to the top five, after an outstanding performance at the Austin Regional.


Southlake Regional Preview

Flower Mound makes its BOA premiere alongside Hebron and Marcus.


Owasso Invitational Preview

We'll get our first look at several bands from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma.


McAllen Regional Preview

Dripping Springs and Pioneer are expected to medal at this competitive South Texas regional.


Golden Regiment Invitational Preview

Bellevue West and O'Fallon Township compete for the top spot.


Top 30 Rankings — Sept. 19, 2017 (Week 2)

Avon retains one of the top spots in the rankings after their performance at the Canton Regional.


Toledo Regional Preview

Homestead and William Mason compete for the title at this week two event.


Clarksville Regional Preview

Castle and Franklin headline the Tennessee Regional.


Austin Regional Preview

The first of many exciting competitions in the Lone Star State.


Top 30 Rankings — Sept. 12, 2017 (Week 1)

Check out our 2017 preseason rankings.


Canton Regional Preview

Avon headlines this event during week one of BOA competition.


Powder Springs Regional Preview

Harrison competes with twelve other bands from across the Southeast.


BOA releases updated rulebook

The modifications include changes to adjudication sheets and rules on tiebreakers.


2017 fall schedule

It may just be getting cold outside, but it's time to start planning for fall 2017.

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