2016 Dayton Regional

Prelims Results:
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Class A
1. Archbishop Alter H.S., OH
2. Williamstown H.S., KY
3. East Clinton H.S., OH

Music: Archbishop Alter H.S., OH
Visual: Archbishop Alter H.S., OH
GE: Archbishop Alter H.S., OH

Class AA
1. Victor H.S., NY
2. Bellbrook H.S., OH
3. Campbell County H.S., KY

Music: Victor H.S., NY
Visual: Victor H.S., NY
GE: Victor H.S., NY

Class AAA
1. Prospect H.S., IL
2. Miamisburg H.S., OH
3. Decatur Central H.S., IN

Music: Prospect H.S., IL
Visual: Prospect H.S., IL
GE: Prospect H.S., IL

Class AAAA
1. Carmel H.S., IN
2. Centerville H.S., OH
3. Fishers H.S., IN

Music: Carmel H.S., IN
Visual: Carmel H.S., IN
GE: Carmel H.S., IN

Finals Results:
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1. (80.85) Carmel H.S., IN
2. (78.10) Prospect H.S., IL
3. (76.35) Centerville H.S., OH
4. (75.85) Fishers H.S., IN
5. (74.95) Victor H.S., NY
6. (70.25) Lakota East H.S., OH
7. (70.10) Miamisburg H.S., OH
8. (69.95) Archbishop Alter H.S., OH
9. (68.80) Bellbrook H.S., OH
10. (67.80) Decatur Central H.S., IN

Music: Carmel H.S., IN
Visual: Carmel H.S., IN
GE: Carmel H.S., IN

Participating Bands (20):
Archbishop Alter H.S., OH
Bellbrook H.S., OH
Campbell County H.S., KY
Carmel H.S., IN
Centerville H.S., OH
Decatur Central H.S., IN
East Clinton H.S., OH
East Jessamine H.S., KY
Fairborn H.S., OH
Fishers H.S., IN
Greenfield Central H.S., IN
Lakota East H.S., OH
Loveland H.S., OH
Miamisburg H.S., OH
Northmont H.S., OH
Prospect H.S., IL
Troy H.S., OH
Victor H.S., NY
Walnut Hills H.S., OH
Williamstown H.S., KY

Returning 2015 Finalists (3):
2. Carmel H.S., IN
4. Centerville H.S., OH
10. Lakota East H.S., OH

Previous Champions:
2015: Avon H.S., IN
2014: William Mason H.S., OH
2013: William Mason H.S., OH
2012: Centerville H.S., OH

States Represented (7):
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia
The 2016 Dayton Regional was held Sept. 24 at Welcome Stadium. Carmel won a surprisingly narrow victory over second place Prospect by under three points.

Fishers did well at their first BOA event since 2013, placing fourth overall and within five points of Carmel. This placement shows some significant improvement over the past few years, and it appears the group certainly has a chance of making finals at Indy Super later this season.

Avon and Mason are the two notable absences from this year's Dayton regional. The former being the 2015 champion and the latter only being an hour drive away. With those absences, Carmel has virtually no competition and will likely win the competition and sweep caption awards.

Aside from first, Centerville, Miamisburg, Prospect, and Victor will be fighting for second place.

Centerville has a long history of success including finals appearances at regionals, super regionals, and Grand Nats, but in recent history, they've been a consistent semifinalist. Still, last year's 18th place finish at Grand Nats puts them ahead of any of the competition.

Miamisburg made Grand National Semifinals last year, placing 25th overall. This organization is on an upward trajectory and beating a program like Centerville shows they mean business.

Prospect can always be expected to produce a great show and are especially impressive visually. They will be the only band at this year’s competition besides Carmel that has ever been featured in the HornRank Top 30.

Victor placed 4th at last year's Bowling Green regional, and a similar placement could be expected in Dayton this year.

Aside from these top five groups, the toughest competition will be simply the fight to make finals. With five more available spots and 17 more competitors, it's hard to predict who will be in and who will be out, but our best guess is below.

Predictions represent the majority opinion of the HornRank staff.
1. Carmel H.S., IN
2. Prospect H.S., IL
3. Centerville H.S., OH
4. Miamisburg H.S., OH
5. Victor H.S., NY
6. Bellbrook H.S., OH
7. Lakota East H.S., OH
8. Northmont H.S., OH
9. Campbell County H.S., KY
10. Troy H.S., OH

Adjudication Panel
Music: Dave Orser, Steven Page, Mark Waymire, and Todd R. Zimbelman
Visual: Austin Greene, John Howell, and Bret Mascaro
Chief: Joe Allison