2017 St. George Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
2. Juan Diego Catholic H.S., UT
Music: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
Visual: Juan Diego Catholic H.S., UT
GE: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO

Class AA
1. Loveland H.S., CO
2. Green Canyon H.S., UT
3. Covina H.S., CA
Music: Green Canyon H.S., UT
Visual: Loveland H.S., CO
GE: Loveland H.S., CO

Class AAA
1. Clovis H.S., NM
2. La Cueva H.S., NM
3. Clovis West H.S., CA
Music: Clovis H.S., NM
Visual: Clovis H.S., NM
GE: La Cueva H.S., NM

Class AAAA
1. American Fork H.S., UT
2. Foothill H.S., NV
3. Etiwanda H.S., CA
Music: American Fork H.S., UT
Visual: American Fork H.S., UT
GE: American Fork H.S., UT

Finals Results
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1. (89.25) American Fork H.S., UT
2. (86.65) Clovis H.S., NM
3. (86.075) Foothill H.S., NV
4. (84.050) Davis H.S., UT
5. (83.450) Etiwanda H.S., CA
6. (83.150) Loveland H.S., CO
7. (82.350) La Cueva H.S., NM
8. (81.50) Westlake H.S., UT
9. (81.40) Clovis West H.S., CA
10. (80.35) Green Canyon H.S., UT

Music: American Fork H.S., UT
Visual: American Fork H.S., UT
GE: American Fork H.S., UT

Returning 2016 Finalists (5)
1. American Fork H.S., UT
3. Foothill H.S., NV
4. Sky View H.S., UT
5. Westlake H.S., UT
6. Davis H.S., UT

Previous Champions
2016: American Fork H.S., UT
2015: American Fork H.S., UT
2014: American Fork H.S., UT
2013: American Fork H.S., UT
2012: American Fork H.S., UT
2011: Upland H.S., CA

States Represented (5)
California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

The 2017 St. George, Utah, Regional will be held Oct 28 at a location to be announced. In 2016, American Fork won its fifth consecutive regional championship.

Instead of reading our opinions, try listening to them on the HornRank Podcast:

Only five returning finalists means there's a lot of uncertainty about not only placements, but who will even be competing for the final placements. There are several schools who are returning to the regional after a year or two off, and even more groups who are attending their first ever BOA regional. The one thing we're fairly certain about: American Fork will take the title.

American Fork competes in 2013.
American Fork has held a dominant hold on this regional since they began this winning streak in 2012. In these five years, the band has placed first in prelims and finals and has maintained a lead of over 2 points in finals each year.

Clovis West is the one group that could could challenge American Fork for the title. The band has a long history of success at past St. George regionals, frequently placing in the top three, and winning the regional in 2010. Most recently, Clovis West earned a narrow third-place at the San Jose Regional.

Returning finalists Davis, Foothill, Sky View, and Westlake will look to repeat in the top half of finals this season. All three have been consistent finalists at St. George for several years.

Loveland is making the trip from Colorado this year. When Loveland last attended in 2015, they earned fifth place. Arbor View, Etiwanda and Lehi also last attended in 2015. Arbor View and Etiwanda placed eighth and seventh in finals, while Lehi finished 11th in prelims, just outside of finals.

Los Osos competed at the Long Beach Regional the past two years, finishing ninth and tenth in 2015 and 2016. We’re curious to see how that placement at Long Beach will translate to Utah. We’re expecting a higher placement in St. George, but there’s no guarantee.

Clovis returned to Bands of America events this season after taking a three year gap. They’ve previously had success, making finals at St. George many times before taking a gap from BOA. Just a few weeks ago, the band placed fourth at the Midland Regional behind some incredible bands.

Finally, Green Canyon is a school to keep an eye on. The school just opened this year, splitting from consistent finalist Sky View. With strong talent at both schools, we could see both in finals within a few years or maybe even this year.

1. American Fork H.S., UT
2. Clovis West H.S., CA
3. Davis H.S., UT
4. Foothill H.S., NV
5. Clovis H.S., NM
6. Westlake H.S., UT
7. Loveland H.S., CO
8. Sky View H.S., UT
9. Los Osos H.S., CA
10. Etiwanda H.S., CA

Adjudication Panel
Music: George Boulden, Dave Branson, Glenn Fugett, and Scott Koter.
Music: Jackie Gilley, Bruce Jones, and John Turner.
Chief: Richard Saucedo