2018 Canton Regional

Prelims Results

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Class A
1. Norton H.S., OH
2. North East H.S., PA

Music: Norton H.S., OH
Visual: Norton H.S., OH
GE: Norton H.S., OH

Class AA
1. Norwin H.S., PA
2. Kiski Area H.S., PA
3. Kell H.S., GA

Music: Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Kiski Area H.S., PA
GE: Norwin H.S., PA

Class AAA
1. Henry Clay H.S., KY
2. Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
3. Dublin Coffman H.S., OH

Music: Henry Clay H.S., KY
Visual: Henry Clay H.S., KY
GE: Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH

Class AAAA
1. Fairfield H.S., OH

Music: Fairfield H.S., OH
Visual: Fairfield H.S., OH
GE: Fairfield H.S., OH

Finals Results

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1. (82.45) Kiski Area H.S., PA
2. (82.00) Norwin H.S., PA
3. (78.70) Henry Clay H.S., KY
4. (77.55) Kell H.S., GA
5. (75.60) Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
6. (74.30) Ola H.S., GA
7. (74.00) Dublin Coffman H.S., OH
8. (71.80) Moon Area H.S., PA
9. (71.30) Norton H.S., OH
10. (69.35) Fairfield H.S., OH

Music: (tie) Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
and Norwin H.S., PA
Visual: Kiski Area H.S., PA
GE: Kiski Area H.S., PA

Returning 2017 Finalists (7)
3. Dublin Coffman H.S., OH
4. Moon Area H.S., PA
7. Nordonia H.S., OH
9. North East H.S., PA
10. Gateway H.S., PA
11. New Philadelphia H.S., OH
13. Firestone H.S., OH

Previous Champions:
2017: Avon H.S., IN
2016: Norwin H.S., PA
2015: Kiski Area H.S., PA
2014: Kiski Area H.S., PA
2013: Norwin H.S., PA
2012: Norwin H.S., PA
2011: Norwin H.S., PA

States Represented (5)
Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The 2018 Canton, Ohio, Regional will be held Oct. 13 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. In 2017, Perennial national finalist Avon swept the competition in prelims and finals, despite earning a 1 point timing penalty each round.

Adjudication Panel
Music: Joe Allison, Ed Argenziano, Kris Quaale, and Todd Zimbelman.
Visual: Bob Elliott, John Howell, and John Turner.
Chief: Will Pitts.

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  1. It is going to be an interesting competition. Keeping an eye on Moone, Norwin, and Kiski. I have seen all 3 of thier 2018 shows. All quite different. I have my top pick for this competition,but we will have to wait and see Good Luck to ALL the bands.