2018 Owasso Invitational

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Collinsville H.S., OK
2. Berryhill H.S., OK
3. Morris H.S., OK

Music: Collinsville H.S., OK
Visual: Collinsville H.S., OK
GE: Collinsville H.S., OK

Class AA
1. Coweta H.S., OK
2. Choctaw H.S., OK
3. Stillwater H.S., OK

Music: Coweta H.S., OK
Visual: Coweta H.S., OK
GE: Coweta H.S., OK

Class AAA
1. Bixby H.S., OK
2. Southmoore H.S., OK
3. Bentonville West H.S., AR

Music: Bixby H.S., OK
Visual: Bixby H.S., OK
GE: Bixby H.S., OK

Class AAAA
1. Union H.S., OK
2. Jenks H.S., OK
3. Fayetteville H.S., AR

Music: Union H.S., OK
Visual: Union H.S., OK
GE: Union H.S., OK

Finals Results
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1. (80.90) Bixby H.S., OK
2. (80.45) Jenks H.S., OK
3. (79.55) Union H.S., OK
4. (75.05) Choctaw H.S., OK
5. (74.05) Coweta H.S., OK
6. (71.90) Stillwater H.S., OK
7. (71.90) Southmoore H.S., OK
8. (68.60) Bentonville West H.S., AR
9. (68.60) Fayetteville H.S., AR
10. (67.80) Collinsville H.S., OK
11. (65.40) Tahlequah H.S., OK
12. (64.35) Edmond Memorial H.S., OK

Music: Union H.S., OK
Visual: Bixby H.S., OK
GE: Bixby H.S., OK

Returning 2017 Finalists (8)
1. Union H.S., OK
2. Bixby H.S., OK
3. Coweta H.S., OK
6. Edmond Memorial H.S., OK
7. Choctaw H.S., OK
8. Southmoore H.S., OK
9. Stillwater H.S., OK
12. Collinsville H.S., OK

Previous Champions
2017: Union H.S., OK
2016: Union H.S., OK
2015: Union H.S., OK
2014: Union H.S., OK
2013: Union H.S., OK
2012: Union H.S., OK
2011: Union H.S., OK

States Represented (2)
Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The 2018 Owasso Invitational Marching Contest will be held Sept. 29 at Owasso High School. In 2017, Union won the competition, with Bixby in second.


  1. We want results //clap// we want results //clap//

  2. Owasso Invitational - Finals Results

    1. Bixby 80.90
    2. Jenks 80.45
    3. Union 79.55
    4. Choctaw 75.05
    5. Coweta 74.05
    6. Stillwater 71.90*
    7. Southmoore 71.90
    8. Bentonville West 68.60
    9. Fayetteville 68.40
    10. Collinsville 67.80
    11. Tahlequah 65.40
    12. Edmond Memorial 64.95

    Music - Union
    Visual - Bixby
    GE - Bixby
    Guard - Jenks
    Percussion - Bixby

    1. Did they score owasso? I know they were just exhibition, but?

  3. Tbh... Jenks should have won, easy clap.

    1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I do think Jenks should have topped Union in music. Visual? Nah, that was straight up Bixby.

    2. Can someone explain why Union didn't win? Especially after smoking Bixby and Jenks last year? Or are they like Marian Catholic and will come back by the end of the season?

    3. Jenks wasn't at this contest last year, and the simple reason Union got beat is because they aren't as good this year as they have been before while these other programs have stepped up, of course I'm not diminishing the greatness of this program because they're still obviously good but they just aren't better than some of these other programs.

    4. I think Union will clean up nicely by end of season. It definitely feels more like a Texas show, which is no surprise, considering many of their team comes from TX. At the same time, both Bixby and Jenks have improved this year.

  4. Don't agree. Music boring, meaningless, didn't motivate. Couldn't figure out story/theme. Main dancers too dizzy. Although great appearance all around.

  5. Simply put, Union is going through a major phase shift with their show designers and gearing up for a different side of Union next year. It’s costing the band big time this year, but should be made up for it by next year.

    1. What do you mean? They retained all but one show designer from the previous year.

    2. Its an excuse big bands use when they get beaten by someone they've always beaten, trying to justify another group beating them. Makes no sense why it would affect Union for one year then make them better than they were before it but worse than they were.