Carmel grabs another easy victory in Dayton

Sept 19, 2021 at 10:38 a.m. CT

Carmel grabs another easy victory in Dayton

By Jeremiah Wooten

Carmel earned a decisive 24th regional champion title in Dayton last night, beating reigning champion Centerville by nearly 5 points. The group was ranked first by every single judge in both prelims and finals.

Carmel performs at the Grand National Championships in 2019. Tonight, the band earned their 24th regional champion title.
Photo by Jeremiah Wooten for HornRank
While Carmel (80.60) did not have a competitive season last year, it clearly did not affect their dominance in the marching arena. Second-place Centerville (75.90) had a similarly decisive lead, finishing almost four points ahead of third-place Anderson County (71.95).

The fourth through sixth range is where it gets interesting. Miamisburg (70.30) grabbed the top spot of this trio, primarily fueld by their high marks in visual and effect caption. They earned as high as third place in visual effect. Fifth-place Kettering Fairmont (68.20) had strong ensemble scores in both performance captions, but weren't as highly praised by the on-field individual performance judges. Finally, sixth-place Franklin Central (67.35) earned as high as fourth in visual effect.

Classs AAA champion Beavercreek (66.90) was one of the few groups in the bottom half of finals that did not change placements from prelims to finals. While the held steady in seventh place, it appears the band may have fallen victim to the dynamics of the top half/bottom half draw. In prelims, the band earned fifth place rankings from three judges, placing them ahead of a variety of top-half bands in three different captions. In finals, they only received a single top-half ranking: fifth place from one music effect judge.

Class A champion Archbishop Alter (64.25) slid up two spots to finish eighth in finals. This jump was primarily fueld by improvements in individual music performance, where they went from 15th to fourth. Carroll (64.05) dropped one spot and less than one tenth to finish ninth, but retained their strong effect scores.

Kentucky classs AA bands Woodford County (63.50) and Campbell County (62.75) finished 10th and 11th. After Campbell County won the bronze medal in class AA in prelims, Woodford make a strong showing and finished three quarters of a point higher in finals. Finally, Reeths-Puffer (61.35) rounds out the 2021 Dayton finalists. The band earned as high as seventh place in ensemble visual performance.

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