2021 Austin Regional

The 2021 Austin Regional was held Sept. 25 at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. Vandegrift again won the top spot, defeating narrowly defeating Claudia Taylor Johnson. Most notably was Leander ISD's hold on awards. Those five bands all placed in their respective class and finished no lower than 7th in finals.

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1. (84.25) Vandegrift, TX
2. (84.00) Claudia T. Johnson, TX
3. (81.80) Rouse, TX
4. (80.95) Cedar Park, TX
5. (80.625) Vista Ridge, TX
6. (80.025) Cedar Ridge, TX
7. (77.80) Leander, TX
8. (77.25) Westlake, TX
9. (76.80) Round Rock, TX
10. (74.15) James Bowie, TX
11. (73.55) Westwood, TX
12. (72.40) Weiss, TX

Music: (tie) Claudia T. Johnson, TX
and Vandegrift, TX
Visual: Claudia T. Johnson, TX
GE: Vandegrift, TX
View full prelims results here.

Class A
1. Ann Richards, TX
Music: Ann Richards, TX
Visual: Ann Richards, TX
GE: Ann Richards, TX

Class AA
1. Princeton, TX
2. Burnet, TX
3. Bastrop, TX
Music: Princeton, TX
Visual: Princeton, TX
GE: Burnet, TX

Class AAA
1. Cedar Park, TX
2. Rouse, TX
3. Leander, TX
Music: Leander, TX
Visual: Rouse, TX
GE: Cedar Park, TX

1. Vandegrift, TX
2. Claudia T. Johnson, TX
3. Vista Ridge, TX
Music: Claudia T. Johnson, TX
Visual: Vandegrift, TX
GE: Vandegrift, TX
Music: Jay Kennedy, Chester Phillips, Caleb Rothe, and Richard Saucedo
Visual: Austin Greene, Debbie Torchia, and Jeff Young
Chief: Gary Markham