2021 Austin Regional

The 2021 Austin Regional will be held Sept. 25 at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. In 2019, Vandegrift took the top spot, with district-mate Leander finishing second and returning champion Claudia Taylor Johnson in third.

While this year's finals will be expanded to 12 groups for the first time, the line up is as competitive as ever. All 10 finalists from 2019 are returning and another three groups in the line up are past Austin finalists.

9:00 Lake Travis, TX
9:15 East View, TX
9:30 Burnet, TX
9:45 Cedar Ridge, TX
10:00 Westlake, TX
10:15 Midlothian Heritage, TX
10:30 Hendrickson, TX
10:45 Ann Richards, TX
11:00 Leander, TX
11:15 Pflugerville, TX

11:30 Lunch

12:15 Princeton, TX
12:30 Weiss, TX
12:45 Vista Ridge, TX
1:00 Anderson, TX
1:15 Rouse, TX
1:30 Bastrop, TX
1:45 Cedar Park, TX

2:00 Break

2:45 Round Rock, TX
3:00 Veterans Memorial, TX
3:15 Westwood, TX
3:30 Claudia T. Johnson, TX
3:45 James Bowie, TX
4:00 Vandegrift, TX

4:30 Prelims Awards Ceremony

*Other sources indicated New Braunfels will not be attending. The schedule has not yet been adjusted.
7:15 Class Exhibition (if needed)
7:30 Bottom half finalist
7:45 Bottom half finalist
8:00 Bottom half finalist
8:15 Bottom half finalist
8:30 Bottom half finalist
8:45 Bottom half finalist
9:00 Top half finalist
9:15 Top half finalist
9:30 Top half finalist
9:45 Top half finalist
10:00 Top half finalist
10:15 Top half finalist
10:30 Class Exhibition (if needed)

10:45 Finals Awards Ceremony
Music: Jay Kennedy, Chester Phillips, Caleb Rothe, and Richard Saucedo
Visual: Austin Greene, Debbie Torchia, and Jeff Young
Chief: Gary Markham