Louis D. Brandeis wins McAllen Regional

Sept 18, 2021 at 11:39 p.m. CT

Louis D. Brandeis wins McAllen Regional

By Jeremiah Wooten

After a long day made longer by heat advisory dealays, Louis D. Brandeis is bringing home Northside ISD's first BOA regional champion title. The band also won awards for best music performance and best general effect.

The McAllen regional was planned as a two-round competition with the top 12 scoring bands in prelims advancing to finals, but the South Texas heat had other plans. After the second block of performances, the contest was put on indefinite hold due to extreme temperatures on the artificial turf field. Local news site The Monitor reported that "multiple students suffered fainting spells due to the heat." Some students even had to be transported to the ER.

Louis D. Brandeis performs at the McAllen Regional on Sept. 18, 2021. The band earned their first regional champion title.
Photo by Daniel Sanchez for txbands.com
Louis D. Brandeis (75.10) built their lead primarily through their effect scores, earning first place rankings from all three GE judges. Their music performance win was narrow and achieved without winning either the individual or ensemble music performance subcaptions. Second-place Weiss (74.85) finished just a quarter of a point behind Brandeis adm won the visual caption outright.

Del Rio (73.60) and John B. Alexander (73.525) were separated by less than a tenth of a point. While Del Rio led in the music performance and general effect captions, JBA had a huge margin in the visual performance caption that nearly pushed them into third.

Class AAA champion Roma (70.80) earned their highest marks in music performance and visual performance, leading them to an overall fifth place finish. Class AAA silver medalist Georgetown (70.15) finished sixth, less than a tenth of a point ahead of seventh-place United (70.075).

With this year's expansion of finals to 12 bands, both Class AA champion Pioneer (69.05) and Class A champion Hidalgo (64.625) would have advance to finals, if a finals contest was held. Both groups swept captions in their class, winning awards for best music, visual, and general effect.

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