First-time regional champion named in Atlanta

Sept 18, 2021 at 21:39 p.m. CT

First-time regional champion named in Atlanta

By Jeremiah Wooten

Walton joined the elite list of groups who have won a BOA regional champion title Saturday night in Powder Springs, Georgia. The band also won awards for best music and visual performance.

Walton performs at the St. Louis Super Regional in 2018. Tonight, the band earned their first regional champion title.
Photo by Jeremiah Wooten for HornRank
The group (77.20) earned straight first place rankings from all four performance judges, creating a gap that Mill Creek was not able to overcome. Despite winning the award for best General Effect, Mill Creek (76.70) finished exactly half a point behind Walton and earned the silver medal.

Class AAA champion Alan C. Pope (73.10) finished third overall with consistent scores across all captions. Jackson County (70.45) and East Coweta (69.60) rounded out the top half of finals with less than a point separating the two. In both prelims and finals, East Coweta had a lead in visual performance, but Jackson County had a stronger showing in both the music and effect captions.

While none of the top five groups changed placement from prelims to finals, over half of the groups in the bottom half found themselves in a new placement. Easley (67.70) had the most favorable change, moving from eighth in prelims to sixth in finals. This jump was primarily fueled by a large increase in the visual effect subcaption, where the group placed third, as well as increased scores in the music subcaptions. Whitewater (67.50) held steady in seventh place, just two tenths of a point behind Easley.

Jefferson (66.15) also increased their placement from prelims to finals, sliding up one spot to finish in eighth. Boiling Springs (65.75) finished in ninth place, less than a half point behind Jefferons. The South Carolina band placed as high as sixth in both music performance captions, but had slightly lower visual scores than they earned in prelims. Collins Hill (62.45) rounded out the finals competition, earning as high as seventh in ensemble visual performance.

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