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Kennesaw Mountain HS, GA (AAA)

The Kennesaw Mountain High School Marching Band is a consistent Grand National finalist and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.

In 2016, Kennesaw Mountain will be competing at the Powder Springs Regional, the Jacksonville Regional, and the Atlanta Super Regional.

Kennesaw Mountain (GA) performs at the Atlanta Super
Regional on Oct. 29, 2016. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Kennesaw Mountain competed at the Jacksonville Regional.

Unfortunately they didn't get the chance to compete against Harrison (or any other competitive school) at all this year. They swept captions in both rounds of competition and best 2nd place East Coweta by more than four points.

Kennesaw Mountain competed at the Powder Springs Regional, the Jacksonville Regional, and the Grand National Championships. At both of these regionals, Kennesaw Mountain competed against district rival Harrison, and at both of these regionals, Kennesaw Mountain lost to Harrison. After these two events and Tarpon's huge victory at Atlanta, we weren't surprised to see Kennesaw almost 10 points behind Tarpon at Grand Nats.

Last year we only saw Kennesaw once, at Atlanta, and they performed well, but around 2 points behind Harrison, 3 behind Wando, 7 behind Tarpon, and 8 behind BA. Their improvement was drastic from ATL to Grand Nats in 2012, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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