2015 Austin Regional

Prelims Results:
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Class A
1. Ann Richards School, TX
2. Cuero H.S., TX

Music: Ann Richards School, TX
Visual: Ann Richards School, TX
GE: Ann Richards School, TX

Class AA
1. Aledo H.S., TX
2. East View H.S., TX
3. Burnet H.S., TX

Music: Aledo H.S., TX
Visual: Aledo H.S., TX
GE: Aledo H.S., TX

Class AAA
1. Cedar Park H.S., TX
2. Leander H.S., TX
3. Vandegrift H.S., TX

Music: Vandegrift H.S., TX
Visual: Leander H.S., TX
GE: Cedar Park H.S., TX

Class AAAA
1. Round Rock H.S., TX
2. James Bowie H.S., TX
3. Hendrickson H.S., TX

Music: James Bowie H.S., TX
Visual: (tie) James Bowie H.S., TX
and Round Rock H.S., TX
GE: Round Rock H.S., TX

Finals Results:
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1. (80.15) Leander H.S., TX
2. (80.10) Cedar Park H.S., TX
3. (79.75) Round Rock H.S., TX
4. (79.75) James Bowie H.S., TX
5. (77.35) Vandegrift H.S., TX
6. (74.85) Hendrickson H.S., TX
7. (74.00) Cedar Ridge H.S., TX
8. (72.40) Dripping Springs H.S., TX
9. (72.35) Vista Ridge H.S., TX
10. (72.20) Winston Churchill H.S., TX

Outstanding Music: Cedar Park H.S., TX
Outstanding Visual: Round Rock H.S., TX
Outstanding GE: James Bowie H.S., TX
The 2015 Austin, Texas, Regional was held Sept. 26 at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. This year, Leander narrowly beat district mate Cedar Park to take the title that Round Rock would have won if not for the half-point penalty they received.

Once again, this Austin regional was the initial BOA event for the state of Texas as multiple San Antonio and Grand National finalists made their 2015 season debut. It was an incredibly close competition in both prelims and finals, but we managed to nail the top five groups and using Round Rock's pre-penalty score got three of those placements correct.

We stated earlier that this event would give us an idea of where these groups stand and would help us make better predictions for San Antonio, but, if we are to be completely honest, these top five placements were so close, they didn't help us make better San Antonio predictions at all. Any of the top five groups could have won and we would not have been shocked at all.

We weren't surprised to see Cedar Ridge in the bottom half of finals, considering their recent and abrupt director change. It's still a great program, just not the same program they were at Grand Nats in 2013.

1. James Bowie H.S., TX
2. Leander H.S., TX
3. Cedar Park H.S., TX
4. Round Rock H.S., TX
5. Vandegrift H.S., TX
6. Dripping Springs H.S., TX
7. Vista Ridge H.S., TX
8. Cedar Ridge H.S., TX
9. Westlake H.S., TX
10. Pflugerville H.S., TX