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9. Leander HS, TX (AAA)

The Leander High School Band is a former Grand National finalist.

In 2016, Leander will be competing at the Austin Regional, the San Antonio Super Regional, and the Grand National Championships.

Leander competed at the Austin Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional.

Their season was off to a great start after a narrow early-season victory at Austin. Leander beat 2nd place Cedar Park by 0.05 points and was unable to grab a single caption.

Following that incredible performance, we were excited to see how Leander would fare at San Antonio against all of the top Texas groups. Unfortunately, because of weather-related issues, Leander was unable to perform in the prelims competition at San Antonio, and was therefore unable to advance to finals. We'll have to wait a whole 'nother year to find out how Leander will do at San Antonio.


  1. Replies
    1. Because of all the weather, Leander was unable to compete at the San Antonio Super Regional. They were unable to perform in their original prelims slot, so they were offered another performance slot later Friday night that they were also unable to make. Later, they were offered a competitive spot in Saturday morning's prelims that they were again unable to make. After that, they were invited to perform in exhibition during one of the 30 minute breaks.

  2. No summary of 2014 where leander placed 3rd in San Antonio finals and tied for the music caption?


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