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17. Blue Springs HS, MO (AAAA)

The Blue Springs High School Marching Band is a former Grand National finalist and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.

Top 30 History
17th on 11/15/16 (Week 10)
15th on 11/08/16 (Week 9)
15th on 11/01/16 (Week 8)
17th on 10/25/16 (Week 7)
20th on 10/18/16 (Week 6)
20th on 10/11/16 (Week 5)
19th on 10/04/16 (Week 4)
19th on 9/27/16 (Week 3)
18th on 9/20/16 (Week 2)
18th on 9/13/16 (Week 1)

18th on 11/17/15 (Week 10)
16th on 11/10/15 (Week 9)
16th on 11/03/15 (Week 8)
16th on 10/27/15 (Week 7)
17th on 10/20/15 (Week 6)
18th on 10/13/15 (Week 5)
19th on 10/06/15 (Week 4)
19th on 9/29/15 (Week 3)
17th on 9/22/15 (Week 2)
18th on 9/15/15 (Week 1)

20th on 11/18/14 (Week 10)
19th on 11/11/14 (Week 9)
18th on 11/04/14 (Week 8)
15th on 10/28/14 (Week 7)
17th on 10/21/14 (Week 6)
23rd on 10/14/14 (Week 5)
24th on 10/07/14 (Week 4)
23rd on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
22nd on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
22nd on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

20th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Blue Springs will be competing at the St. Louis Super Regional and the Indianapolis Super Regional.

Blue Springs competed at the St. Louis Super Regional, the Indianapolis Super Regional, and the Grand National Championships.

A flute soloist from Blue Springs (MO) performs at the
Golden Regiment Invitational on Oct. 1, 2016, at
Blue Springs High School // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Blue Springs had no hope of beating Broken Arrow, but they were able to beat Union and place 2nd in prelims. Union came back to place 2nd in finals ahead of Blue Springs in 3rd. It's a good position for Blue Springs to be in as they head to Indianapolis.

Their first time in Indianapolis showed us that Blue Springs deserved to be in finals the second time they make the long trek to Indy. After winning 3rd in class AAAA, Blue Springs placed 4th overall, directly behind Marian Catholic. We said that ended could be the death stamp on their Grand Nats finals wishes, but it most certainly was not.

After their Grand Nats performances, it was no surprise that they were in finals and not just on the bubble. Blue Springs placed 10th overall.

Blue Springs competed at the St. Louis Super Regional and the Atlanta Super Regional. Blue Springs placements at both of these events were exactly as predicted. They haven't yet been able to break ahead of any BOA powerhouse, but they continue to creep up to the top. If they do return to Grand Nats next year, they will definitely be in the discussion for a finals performance.

Blue Springs was the hardest band to rank on this list. Here's why:
-2nd at St. Louis right behind Broken Arrow
-6th at San Antonio (placing ahead of 4 Grand Nats Finalists, and 1st in VGE)
-10th in Grand Nats Prelims
-16th in Grand Nats Semis
They had a great band, a great show, a great season, and a shocking placement in Semis. Sometimes that stuff happens at BOA events. That doesn't change the fact that their show beat some of the top competition in the US at some of the most competitive BOA events, especially Grand Nats. We expect they'll be in finals in the next couple of years.

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