2017 Jacksonville Regional

Prelims Results
Finals was cancelled because of inclement weather, so all awards were presented based on prelims scores.

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1. (77.65) Nation Ford H.S., SC
2. (75.60) Harrison H.S., GA
3. (72.05) Lambert H.S., GA
4. (71.80) Jupiter H.S., FL
5. (70.95) East Coweta H.S., GA
6. (68.10) Hoover H.S., AL
7. (67.40) Hillgrove H.S., GA
8. (66.15) Blythewood H.S., SC
9. (64.80) Lassiter H.S., GA
10. (64.35) River Bluff H.S., SC

Music: Harrison H.S., GA
Visual: Jupiter H.S., FL
GE: Nation Ford H.S., SC

Class A
1. Booneville H.S., MS
2. Oak Grove H.S., AL
Music: Oak Grove H.S., AL
Visual: Booneville H.S., MS
GE: Booneville H.S., MS

Class AA
1. Pelham H.S., AL
2. Fred J. Page H.S., TN
3. Seymour H.S., TN
Music: Pelham H.S., AL
Visual: Fred J. Page H.S., TN
GE: Pelham H.S., AL

Class AAA
1. Nation Ford H.S., SC
2. Harrison H.S., GA
3. Blythewood H.S., SC
Music: Harrison H.S., GA
Visual: Nation Ford H.S., SC
GE: Nation Ford H.S., SC

Class AAAA
1. Lambert H.S., GA
2. Jupiter H.S., FL
3. East Coweta H.S., GA
Music: (tie) Jupiter H.S., FL
and Lambert H.S., GA
Visual: Jupiter H.S., FL
GE: Lambert H.S., GA

Returning 2016 Finalists (6)
1. Nation Ford H.S., SC
3. East Coweta H.S., GA
8. Brentwood H.S., TN
10. Hoover H.S., AL

Previous Champions
2016: Nation Ford H.S., SC
2015: Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
2014: Harrison H.S., GA
2013: Franklin H.S., TN
2012: Franklin H.S., TN
2011: Father Ryan H.S., TN

States Represented (6)
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The 2017 Jacksonville, Alabama, Regional will be held Oct. 7 at Jacksonville State University. In 2016, Nation Ford was named regional champion.

The Jacksonville Regional will be a measuring stick for southeastern bands this year as groups from six states compete.

Harrison performs at the Atlanta Super Regional on Oct. 29, 2016, at the Georgia Dome. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Headlining this show is Harrison, a consistent Grand National finalist. The band has made national finals each of their most recent trips: 2015 and 2013, but will not be making the trip to Indy this year. Harrison won the 2017 Powder Springs Regional by nearly two points, but didn’t sweep captions. The visual caption was the only caption they weren’t able to grab, and they’ll likely be looking to improve in that area moving into this competition.

Harrison will have strong competition with Nation Ford from South Carolina. Nation Ford is the reigning regional champion, having defeated Kennesaw Mountain last year, and looks to retain that spot this season.

East Coweta is another group worth mentioning. They have consistently competed for the top few spots at various southeastern regionals throughout the past few years. Could this be the year they break through and surprise the top two groups?

Hillgrove and River Bluff are two other groups that have performed well in previous regionals. River Bluff earned seventh place just behind groups like Cary and Panther Creek at Winston-Salem last year. Meanwhile, Hillgrove placed eighth right behind Franklin in Atlanta last year. These two groups have proven themselves last year, and it will be exciting to see who comes out on top.

Jupiter H.S. from Florida is a wild card for this competition. They haven’t competed in the Bands of America circuit, but have a strong reputation throughout Florida. The band was the 2016 state champion in their class at FMBC. They could certainly upset some other talented groups in Jacksonville.

Lassiter is another wild card. The former national champion has taken a couple years off from BOA competition. Their most recent appearance was the 2014 Jacksonville Regional, where the band earned fifth overall.

Returning finalists Brentwood and Hoover will be looking to repeat as finalists this year, but they’ll have some competition from groups like Lambert and Blythewood. Last year, Lambert earned fifth at the Newark Regional and Blythewood earned 20th at the Indianapolis Super Regional.

1. Harrison H.S., GA
2. Nation Ford H.S., SC
3. East Coweta H.S., GA
4. Hillgrove H.S., GA
5. River Bluff H.S., SC
6. Lassiter H.S., GA
7. Jupiter H.S., FL
8. Lambert H.S., GA
9. Brentwood H.S., TN
10. Hoover H.S., AL

Adjudication Panel
Music: Michael McIntosh, Will Pitts, Andy Sealy, and Kim Shuttlesworth.
Visual: Tom McNalley, Carl Nelson, and Mike Turner.
Chief: Richard Saucedo.