2017 Dayton Regional

Prelims Results
Finals was cancelled because of inclement weather, so all awards were presented based on prelims scores.

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1. (86.10) Carmel H.S., IN
2. (85.95) Avon H.S., IN
3. (78.15) Lakota East H.S., OH
4. (76.30) Bourbon County H.S., KY
5. (76.28) Henry Clay H.S., KY
6. (76.15) Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
7. (75.10) Kiski Area H.S., PA
8. (74.80) Goshen H.S., IN
9. (73.75) Penn H.S., IN
10. (72.95) Dublin Coffman H.S., OH

Music: Avon H.S., IN
Visual: Carmel H.S., IN
GE: (tie) Avon H.S., IN
and Carmel H.S., IN

Class A
1. Bellbrook H.S., OH
2. Beechwood H.S., KY
3. Williamstown H.S., KY
Music: Bellbrook H.S., OH
Visual: Bellbrook H.S., OH
GE: Bellbrook H.S., OH

Class AA
1. Bourbon County H.S., KY
2. Kiski Area H.S., PA
3. Stebbins H.S., OH
Music: Bourbon County H.S., KY
Visual: Bourbon County H.S., KY
GE: Kiski Area H.S., PA

Class AAA
1. Henry Clay H.S., KY
2. Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
3. Goshen H.S., IN
Music: Henry Clay H.S., KY
Visual: (tie) Goshen H.S., IN
and Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
GE: Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH

Class AAAA
1. Carmel H.S., IN
2. Avon H.S., IN
3. Lakota East H.S., OH
Music: Avon H.S., IN
Visual: Carmel H.S., IN
GE: (tie) Avon H.S., IN
and Carmel H.S., IN

Returning 2016 Finalists (4)
1. Carmel H.S., IN
6. Lakota East H.S., OH
9. Bellbrook H.S., OH
10. Decatur Central H.S., IN

Previous Champions
2016: Carmel H.S., IN
2015: Avon H.S., IN
2014: William Mason H.S., OH
2013: William Mason H.S., OH
2012: Centerville H.S., OH

States Represented (4)
Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The 2017 Dayton, Ohio, Regional will be held Oct. 7 at Welcome Stadium. In 2016, Carmel began their national champion season with an early-season regional victory.

With so few of last year’s finalists returning, this a great opportunity for some new bands to make finals at a BOA regional. However, that doesn’t mean this competition won’t be full of stiff competition.

Avon performs at the Indianapolis Super Regional on Nov. 5, 2016, at Lucas Oil Stadium. // Photo by Claire Albrecht
At the top, it’s a battle between Avon and Carmel for the title. Both are skipping the Indiana state competition this season to attend BOA events in San Antonio and Downey, California, respectively. It’s sure to be a special season for Avon as it’s Jay Webb’s last year before he retires.

Beyond the top two, we have quite a few serious competitors for the bronze medal. Kiski Area is a former regional champion, most recently having won the Monroeville Regional in 2014 and 2015. The band also earned a semifinals position at their last appearance at Grand Nats in 2015. Goshen also has a recent champion title to their name, earning first at the Toledo Regional in 2014.

Penn hasn’t competed in a BOA event since 2015, but their 15th place finish at the Indianapolis Super Regional that season put them only one spot out of finals, a very impressive position to be in. If they can bring that level of performance to Dayton this year, they could certainly find themselves in the top half of finals. Bourbon County also did not compete in any BOA events last season. The band made finals at Clarksville and Dayton in 2015, earning sixth place at both events. But the band did not compete in any BOA events last season.

Kettering Fairmont made finals at the Toledo Regional last year. While we acknowledge not all regionals are equal, we expect to see the band in finals again this year. Bellbrook, Decatur Central, and Lakota East were all finalists at the 2016 Dayton regional who will be aiming to return to finals this year as well.

Dublin Coffman has been right on the edge of finals for several years, earning 11th place in 2015 and 2016 at the Dayton and Toledo regionals, respectively. We think this could be their year to jump back into finals.

Beyond the headliners Avon and Carmel, there’s a large number of exceptional programs working hard to earn a finals spot.

1. Avon H.S., IN
2. Carmel H.S., IN
3. Kiski Area H.S., PA
4. Goshen H.S., IN
5. Penn H.S., IN
6. Lakota East H.S., OH
7. Bourbon County H.S., KY
8. Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
9. Dublin Coffman H.S., OH
10. Bellbrook H.S., OH

Adjudication Panel
Music: Mark Calima, Matt McCready, Steven Page, and Rick Rodriguez.
Visual: Kevin Nix, Juno Orefice, and Robert Solomon.
Chief: Dale Warren.