2018 St. George Regional

Prelims Results

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Class A
1. Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
2. Juan Diego Catholic H.S., UT

Music: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
Visual: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO
GE: Montezuma-Cortez H.S., CO

Class AA
1. Green Canyon H.S., UT
2. Covina H.S., CA
3. Faith Lutheran H.S., NV

Music: Green Canyon H.S., UT
Visual: Green Canyon H.S., UT
GE: Green Canyon H.S., UT

Class AAA
1. Timpview H.S., UT
2. La Cueva H.S., NM
3. Clovis West H.S., CA

Music: Timpview H.S., UT
Visual: Clovis West H.S., CA
GE: La Cueva H.S., NM

Class AAAA
1. Ayala H.S., CA
2. American Fork H.S., UT
3. San Marcos H.S., CA

Music: Ayala H.S., CA
Visual: American Fork H.S., UT
GE: San Marcos H.S., CA

Finals Results

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1. (89.05) Ayala H.S., CA
2. (88.15) American Fork H.S., UT
3. (85.10) San Marcos H.S., CA
4. (82.20) Desert Vista H.S., AZ
5. (81.70) Davis H.S., UT
6. (76.40) La Cueva H.S., NM
7. (75.75) Westlake H.S., UT
8. (75.65) Skyridge H.S., UT
9. (73.10) Clovis West H.S., CA
10. (71.15) Timpview H.S., UT

Music: (tie) American Fork H.S., UT
and Ayala H.S., CA
Visual: Ayala H.S., CA
GE: Ayala H.S., CA

Returning 2017 Finalists (5)
1. American Fork H.S., UT
4. Davis H.S., UT
7. La Cueva H.S., NM
8. Westlake H.S., UT
10. Green Canyon H.S., UT

Previous Champions
2017: American Fork H.S., UT
2016: American Fork H.S., UT
2015: American Fork H.S., UT
2014: American Fork H.S., UT
2013: American Fork H.S., UT
2012: American Fork H.S., UT
2011: Upland H.S., CA

States Represented (7)
Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah.

The 2018 St. George, Utah, Regional will be held Oct. 27 at Dixie State University. In 2017, American Fork won its sixth consecutive regional championship.

Adjudication Panel
Music: Jon Gomez, David Maccabee, Kent Morrow, and W. Dale Warren
Visual: John Fisher, John Howell, Tom McNally.
Chief: Mike Rubino.


  1. St George will be really tight this year because western giant Ayala is coming this regional for the first time to fight the regional champion title with American Fork. Whichever group loses will undoubtedly earn a silver medal. The pressure is real with American Fork is real because if American Fork wins this competiton, it'll really spark some attention that AF beat a national finalist the year that AF went to grand nationals in 2013. If Ayala wins, it'll be just another regional championship title for them. But American Fork is heading to grand nationals this year with one of the best starts to a season AF has ever seen in it's history, while Ayala is most likely going to treat this like a regular season run with a mini band vacation. Im super excited for these 2 bands to fight for the regional championship