Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 23, 2018 (Week 6)

Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 23, 2018 (Week 6)

After the first super regional of the season, most bands hold steady in the rankings.

Blue Springs performs Indianapolis Super Regional on Oct. 20, 2018, at Lucas Oil Stadium. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
The biggest jump came from Blue Springs who finished third in Indianapolis and clearly set themselves in a league ahead of most other finalists. In prelims, the band also finished third but won the visual caption over Avon and Carmel. Homestead also slid up slightly after their performance in Indianapolis.

Some non-BOA competitions also caused a few adjustments in the rankings. At Illinois State University's annual contest, Marian Catholic finished third behind first-place Lincoln-Way and second-place O'Fallon Township. While there were many factors including some crazy weather that may have contributed to the surprising results, it was significant enough to drop O'Fallon a couple of spots and Marian Catholic into the Next 10. Lincoln-Way also earned a spot in the Next 10. We'll see a rematch of these three bands and many others indoors at the St. Louis Super Regional this weekend.

One other noticeable change was Vista Murrieta's jump into the rankings. The band has remained steadily ahead of Ayala in local competitions and looks to be having a strong year. They'll compete at the Southern California Regional in two weeks.

The previous week's rankings are in parenthesis. Read about how we determine rankings.
  1. Tarpon Springs H.S., FL (1)
  2. Carmel H.S., IN (2)
  3. Broken Arrow H.S., OK (3)
  4. Avon H.S., IN (4)
  5. Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX (5)
  6. Ronald Reagan H.S., TX (6)
  7. Flower Mound H.S., TX (7)
  8. Leander H.S., TX (8)
  9. Hebron H.S., TX (9)
  10. Vandegrift H.S., TX (10)
  11. The Woodlands H.S., TX (11)
  12. Blue Springs H.S., MO (17)
  13. Vista Ridge H.S., TX (12)
  14. Wando H.S., SC (13)
  15. Keller H.S., TX (14)
  16. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN (15)
  17. James Bowie H.S., TX (16)
  18. Cedar Park H.S., TX (18)
  19. Marcus H.S., TX (20)
  20. Homestead H.S., IN (22)
  21. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL (19)
  22. Park Vista H.S., FL (21)
  23. William Mason H.S., OH (24)
  24. Cedar Ridge H.S., TX (23)
  25. Hendrickson H.S., TX (25)
  26. LD Bell H.S., TX (27)
  27. Franklin H.S., TN (26)
  28. Vista Murrieta H.S, CA (Next 10)
  29. Harrison H.S., GA (28)
  30. Union H.S., OK (Unranked)
First Out: Timber Creek H.S., TX (30)

Next 10, in alphabetical order: American Fork (UT), Ayala (CA), Castle (IN), Cy-Fair (TX), Fishers (IN), Jenks (OK), Lawrence Township (IN), Lincoln-Way (IL), Marian Catholic (IL), and Stoneman Douglas (FL).


  1. Two quick things
    1: The non BOA mentioned event was at Illinois State University
    2: Isn't that a picture of Blue Springs, not Tarpon Springs?

    P.S. I think that the results from ISU's competition will be very different than what St. Louis will give us. The judging seems to be fairly inconsistent

    1. That is definitely Blue Springs pictured.

    2. ISU results were not fair. Lincoln-Way should have won by a much greater margin.

    3. Judging will always be inconsistent. It is very hard to compare one band to another unless they are in same competition facing same judging panel. Supers help, but even there you have different blocks facing a different set of judges. For instance BA and OF will be facing different panels in prelims.

  2. Not sure how Carmel didn’t regain 1st spot after Indy Super Regionals with a score of 91.0 and all winning all captions in the finals 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Well that will definitely be decided in two weeks. Grand Nats will be amazing to watch!

  3. Well. Guess Bixby will have to wait until next year. Too bad they're not competing in St. Louis this year. Probably could have made it with one more competition

  4. Lol why is Timber Creek ranked 31st, I thought this was top 30