2019 Powder Springs Regional

Prelims Results
View full prelims results here.

Class A
1. Signal Mountain H.S., TN
2. Leeds H.S., AL

Music: Signal Mountain H.S., TN
Visual: Signal Mountain H.S., TN
GE: Signal Mountain H.S., TN

Class AA
1. Pelham H.S., AL
2. Kell H.S., GA
3. Clinton H.S., MS

Music: Pelham H.S., AL
Visual: Clinton H.S., MS
GE: Pelham H.S., AL

Class AAA
1. Fort Mill H.S., SC
2. Milton H.S., GA
3. Sparkman H.S., AL

Music: Fort Mill H.S., SC
Visual: Fort Mill H.S., SC
GE: Fort Mill H.S., SC

Class AAAA
1. Harrison H.S., GA
2. James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
3. Summerville H.S., SC

Music: Summerville H.S., SC
Visual: Harrison H.S., GA
GE: Harrison H.S., GA

Finals Results
Finals was cancelled due to inclement weather. Finals results are presented based on prelims results.

1. (84.20) Harrison H.S., GA
2. (82.80) James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
3. (81.70) Summerville H.S., SC
4. (81.65) Walton H.S., GA
5. (81.10) Mill Creek H.S., GA
6. (80.40) Fort Mill H.S., SC
7. (78.25) Fayetteville H.S., AR
8. (78.20) Milton H.S., GA
9. (76.70) Hoover H.S., AL
10. (74.70) Sparkman H.S., AL

Music: Summerville H.S., SC
Visual: Harrison H.S., GA
GE: Harrison H.S., GA

Last Year's Finalists (10)
1. Wando H.S., SC
2. Harrison H.S., GA
3. Kennesaw Mtn H.S., GA
4. James F. Byrnes H.S., SC
5. Prospect H.S., IL
6. Mill Creek H.S., GA
7. Bassett H.S., VA
8. Hillgrove H.S., GA
9. DeSoto Central H.S., MS
10. Milton H.S., GA

Previous Champions:
2018: Wando H.S., SC
2017: Harrison H.S., GA
2016: Harrison H.S., GA
2015: Fort Mill H.S., SC
2014: Harrison H.S., GA
2013: Franklin H.S., TN

States Represented (6)
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The 2019 Powder Springs Regional will be held Oct. 26 at McEachern High School. In 2019, Wando defeated frequent champion Harrison for the regional champion title.

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Adjudication Panel
Music: Brad Huneycutt, Mike Leitzke, Nolan Loyde, and Mark Stone.
Visual: Tom McNally, Neal Smith, and Bob Thomas.
Chief: Richard Saucedo.


  1. Replies
    1. I do.
      Mine are:
      1) Harrison
      2) James F Byrnes
      3) Fayettville
      4) Fort Mill
      5) Mauldin
      6) Mill Creek
      7) Hoover
      8) Walton
      9) Summerville
      10) Hillgrove

    2. I do.
      Mine are:
      1. Harrison
      2/3. Walton/ James F Byrnes
      4.Fort Mill
      5.Mill creek
      6. Kell
      7. Hoover
      8. Hillgrove
      9. Summerville
      10. Mceachern

    3. Walton is not that good this season, and neither is fort mill. And kell hasn’t been nearly that good in a long, long time

  2. Byrnes, Fort Mill, Mauldin, and Summerville all compete head to head at state and I don't believe Mauldin will beat Summerville.

    1. Mauldin is not head to head with any of those bands. Lol mauldin band is not even close

  3. Harrison
    Fort Mill
    James F Byrnes
    Mill Creek

  4. James F Byrnes
    Mill Creek
    Fort Mill

  5. Replies
    1. Clinton missed finals by a solid two points at this regional last year, the sleep is allowed and real

    2. Sleeping on East Coweta too. They only missed finals by .2

    3. But a show about aladdin is hit or miss, especially at BOA