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13. Wando HS, SC (AAAA)

The Wando High School Band is a former Grand National finalist and a recipient of the Sudler Flag.

In 2016, Wando will be competing at the Atlanta Super Regional and the Grand National Championships.

Wando was scheduled to compete at the Jacksonville Regional and the Atlanta Super Regional, but due to flooding, was only able to compete at Atlanta.

Wando (SC) performs at the Atlanta Super Regional
on Oct. 29, 2016. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
The Jacksonville regional could have been a pretty easy victory for Wando. The only other band who would have given them a run for their money was Kennesaw Mountain, but the flooding in South Carolina cause Wando to lose not days but weeks of rehearsal time and prevented their travel to Jacksonville.

That lost rehearsal time would follow them to Atlanta, where they placed 10th, much lower than in years past. We believe this year was the exception, not the rule and expect Wando to be much better in 2016 as they head back to Grand Nats. Odd are, another flood of the century won't get in their way two years in a row.

Wando competed at the Atlanta Super Regional and the Grand National Championships. We were excited to see Wando at the Atlanta regional because Tarpon, Harrison, and Mason were all also competing. Wando finished the lowest of this group, just a quarter of a point behind Harrison and finished 7th at Grand Nats just a few weeks later. It was a very successful season for Wando, and we hope that they'll continue to attend Grand Nats at a much greater frequency.

Wando's 90 at the Atlanta Super Regional and 3rd place finish was sadly the only time we saw this band at a BOA event last year, but their consistent Top 6 finishes at Atlanta would've made them a likely finalist at Grand Nats last season. Usually band director transitions are rough and take a couple of years to recover from, but Bobby Lambert appears to have transitioned rather smoothly from Marian Catholic to Wando. Under his direction, we're expecting big things from Wando.

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