2019 Austin Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Johnson H.S., TX
2. Ann Richards School, TX

Music: Johnson H.S., TX
Visual: Johnson H.S., TX
GE: Johnson H.S., TX

Class AA
1. Veterans Memorial H.S., TX

Music: Veterans Memorial H.S., TX
Visual: Veterans Memorial H.S., TX
GE: Veterans Memorial H.S., TX

Class AAA
1. Leander H.S., TX
2. Cedar Park H.S., TX
3. Rouse H.S., TX

Music: Leander H.S., TX
Visual: Leander H.S., TX
GE: Leander H.S., TX

Class AAAA
1. Vandegrift H.S., TX
2. Claudia T. Johnson H.S., TX
3. Vista Ridge H.S., TX

Music: Vandegrift H.S., TX
Visual: Vandegrift H.S., TX
GE: Vandegrift H.S., TX

The 2019 Austin Regional will be held Sept. 28 at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex in Austin, Texas. In 2018, Claudia Taylor Johnson earned a narrow victory over a trio of Leander ISD bands.

Brief Preview
This is one of our favorite regionals of the year. Jam-packed with super regional and national finalists, it's guaranteed to be a full day of excellent performances.

Claudia Taylor Johnson performs in prelims at the Austin Regional on Sept. 29, 2018, at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
While it wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to claim that any band could win this regional, there are realistically only a handful of groups that could finish in the top spot Saturday night. Those groups are Claudia Taylor Johnson, Leander, Vandegrift, and Vista Ridge.

CTJ has won the past two seasons and is the favorite to win a third consecutive championship. What you'll immediately notice is how much of their show they'll have on the field. That length of show may cause them to suffer in the performance captions, but if done right, can continue to reward them in the effect caption, which makes up 60% of the total score.

Leander and Vandegrift placed second and third last year, and have each won a previous Austin championship title. With rather different approaches to show design, they're always an interesting pairing. Leander tends to have more a focus on up front entertainment playing more popular music including, this year, Britney Spears' Toxic. Vandegrift opts for more classical music, programming their 2019 show with lots of Mozart. The ensemble plays with such a symphonic quality of sound that you might forget they're marching around a football field and not in a concert hall.

Vista Ridge won the visual caption and placed fourth in 2019. Their break out season last year ended in a fourth place finish at San Antonio, the highest placement of any group here in Austin, and the UIL state championship title. If they can sustain that level of achievement, winning the Austin Regional this year, wouldn't be terribly shocking.

Cedar Park, Cedar Ridge, Hendrickson, James Bowie, and Round Rock are the five other returning finalists that can't be missed. Each has maintained a consistent record of finals appearances, and should be expected to continue their streaks into 2019.

That still leaves one open finals spot that will be up for grabs among a pretty big group of excellent bands. Along with returning AA champion Rouse, Lake Travis, Pflugerville, and Westwood are in the conversation for a finals appearance.

Medalist Predictions
1. Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX
2. Vista Ridge H.S., TX
3. Leander H.S., TX

Adjudication Panel
Music: Carl Bly, David Aydelott, Wayne Dillon, and Paul McGarr.
Visual: Nola Jones, Kim Corney-Kuhn, and Carl Nelson.
Chief: Gary Markham.