2019 Cedar Falls Regional

Prelims Results
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Class A
1. Independence, IA
2. Baldwin-Woodville, WI

Music: Independence, IA
Visual: Independence, IA
GE: Independence, IA

Class AA
1. Camdenton, MO
2. Marian Catholic H.S., IL
3. Morton, IL

Music: Marian Catholic H.S., IL
Visual: Marian Catholic H.S., IL
GE: Camdenton, MO

Class AAA
1. Rosemount H.S., MN
2. Blue Springs H.S., MO
3. Blue Springs South, MO

Music: Blue Springs H.S., MO
Visual: Rosemount H.S., MN
GE: Rosemount H.S., MN

Class AAAA
1. O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
2. Lockport, IL

Music: O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
Visual: O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
GE: O’Fallon Township H.S., IL

Finals Results
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1. (82.85) Blue Springs H.S., MO
2. (82.60) Rosemount H.S., MN
3. (80.65) Camdenton H.S., MO
4. (79.75) O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
5. (76.85) Marian Catholic H.S., IL
6. (76.30) Lockport Township H.S., IL
7. (73.05) Lincoln H.S., SD
8. (72.95) Independence H.S., IA
9. (72.95) Nixa H.S., MO
10. (71.50) Blue Springs South H.S., MO

Music: O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
and Rosemount H.S., MN
Visual: Blue Springs H.S., MO
GE: Blue Springs H.S., MO
and Rosemount H.S., MN

States Represented (8)
Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The 2019 Cedar Falls Regional will be held Sept. 28 at the UNI-Dome on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa. This is the first regional held in the state of Iowa and is an exciting opportunity for bands to perform in a dome environment.

Brief Preview
Wow, is this going to be an awesome competition! Not only does it have an incredible line up, it's also in an air-conditioned dome, so spectators don't even have to worry about the heat.

Blue Springs performs in semifinals at the Grand National Championships on Nov. 10, 2018, at Lucas Oil Stadium. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Blue Springs and Blue Springs South are two of the top groups representing the state of Missouri. Both had historic seasons in 2018, with Blue Springs finishing third at Grand Nationals, and South making their second appearance at a super regional finals in St. Louis. This season, they're using the same program coordinator, but can be expected to maintain their unique identities.

Along with the Blue Springs schools, Rosemount, O'Fallon Township, and Marian Catholic will be aiming for a medal. But with so many incredible bands, there simply aren't enough medals to give out. Expect this top half of finals to be a close competitions with some disagreements among the judges.

In the bottom half of finals, we expect to see groups like Bellevue East, Camdenton, Greendale, Lincoln, Lockport Township, Marshall, Morton, and Iowa native Davenport Central. Each of these groups have their own history of accomplishments and will be giving it their best to earn a spot in the night show.

Medalist Predictions
1. Blue Springs H.S., MO
2. O’Fallon Township H.S., IL
3. Rosemount H.S., MN

Adjudication Panel
Music: Mike Back, Steve Bentley, Bryan Crisp, and Donnie Hull.
Visual: Austin Greene, Tom McNally, and Adam Sage.
Chief: John Turner.


  1. You miss Lincoln H.S., SD in the finals. I have good info they will make it into finals. =)

  2. Completely forgot Lincoln was going, did you?

    1. They must have! I mean, they were the first band out of finals at a stacked Indianapolis Super Regional last year and have made 2 St. Louis finals. I'm guessing they're going to be in the 3rd-5th place range in Iowa.

  3. Wow--tough competition! IMO, they are ALL winners. Ten years after you get out of HS, alot of this stuff doesn't really matter. It matters to have fun and do your best.

    Shout out to Blue Valley SW! Looking good this year!

  4. What a great show tonight! Congratulations to Blue Springs and Rosemount! This is going to be one of my favorite Regionals now.

  5. Attended this show and it was awesome. I do think BOA under estimated the response and attendance. They ran out of programs and there weren’t enough concession stands open. Hopefully, they’ll do Cedar Falls again next year and get the kinks out. Was blown away by Blue Springs North and Rosemount is always a crowd pleaser.

  6. Congratulations to Camdenton for taking 3rd place in Iowa BOA Finals. Great show and great talent.