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Top 30 Rankings — Nov. 17, 2015 (Week 10)

Editor's Note: This is a set of rankings from an older poll. We keep all our polls online for archival purposes. You might want to view the current Top 30 rankings or read how we determine rankings.
  1. Broken Arrow HS, OK (4)
  2. Tarpon Springs HS, FL (1)
  3. Avon HS, IN (2)
  4. Hebron HS, TX (8)
  5. Flower Mound HS, TX (3)
  6. William Mason HS, OH (9)
  7. Ronald Reagan HS, TX (5)
  8. Carmel HS, IN (6)
  9. The Woodlands HS, TX (14)
  10. Claudia Taylor Johnson HS, TX (7)
  11. Cedar Park HS, TX (10)
  12. Round Rock HS, TX (15)
  13. Leander HS, TX (12)
  14. Marian Catholic HS, IL (11)
  15. Marcus HS, TX (13)
  16. LD Bell HS, TX (17)
  17. Harrison HS, GA (21)
  18. Blue Springs HS, MO (16)
  19. Vandegrift HS, TX (18)
  20. Owasso HS, OK (20)
  21. Union HS, OK (23)
  22. James Bowie HS, TX (22)
  23. Homestead HS, IN (19)
  24. Keller HS, TX (unranked)
  25. Kennesaw Mountain HS, GA (24)
  26. Franklin HS, TN (unranked)
  27. Lawrence Township HS, IN (unranked)
  28. Dobyns-Bennett HS, TX (26)
  29. North Hardin HS, KY (unranked)
  30. Cedar Ridge HS, TX (28)
Next 10, in alphabetical order: Ayala (CA), Bellevue West (NE), Castle (IN), Center Grove (IN), Fort Mill (SC), Lake Central (IN), Nation Ford (SC), Vista Ridge (TX), Wakeland (TX), and Winston Churchill (TX).

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to Franklin on their 13th place finish! I was really impressed to see how they improved from the Indy regional to then. Hell, they were a fraction of a point of being the forst Tennesee rep in finals in decades! From a Blue Springs kid, congradulations guys! Your show was killer and I have no doubt Franklin will be in Grand National finals in the next couple of years.


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